Daily Aspects – Dec 18 & 19 – Soulful Desires

Friday and Saturday are quite deep days. The Sun, Conjunct the Galactic Center (where the Sun sat on Dec 21, 2012) Squares the Nodes of Fate WOW!!, Venus meets Chiron and Uranus bringing up some Soulful Desires and Mercury Conjuncts Pluto which is suspicious words, so release the suspicion when you recognize it.

The technical details are this:

At 9:56am on Friday the Sun at 26:22 Sagittarius Squares the Nodes of Fate.

I didn’t get to write about this in advance because the Wifi went down where I live and I was busy working with them to get it up. Such is this aspect. Then this morning 2 more very fateful things occurred as well. How did your day start out? That would be the Square to the Nodes of Fate which would be revealing/showing (Sun) your subconscious fears (South Node in Pisces) around work, living situations, etc. (Virgo).

Whatever occurred, see it as a fear you needed to deal with and let it go. It is what it is.

At 10:56pm Venus at 16:35 Scorpio Quincunx Uranus Retrograde at 16:35 Aries.

This may be an adjustment around money (Venus/Scorpio) or intimate sharing (touch/Venus and sex/Scorpio). There is some awareness you need to receive here to make an adjustment so you can keep to your personal path to freedom as well (Uranus in Aries).

At 10:26am on Saturday Venus at 17:09 Scorpio Trines Chiron at 17:09 Pisces.

Now you get the ease to your subconscious that allows the adjustment to Uranus to flow smoothly. Your Soulful (Uranus/Chiron) desires (Venus) can move forward in a new way that is less possessive (Scorpio) and more soulful.

At 1:56pm on Saturday Mercury at 14:38 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto at 14:38 Capricorn.

Here the headlines are bound to be suspicious of something or someone. You may feel it around someone who you feel has some authority over you. But let it go. It won’t last too long. But what does get said will allow you to see something about what Pluto has been up to. So pay attention to everything you say or hear around this time. See if it is just old 3D ideas (Mercury) that have outlived their usefulness (Pluto is good at destroying these things;).

Mercury has not yet entered his Shadow (Phase 1 of his impending Retrograde cycle) so these words won’t undergo a revision. But later on Saturday, Mercury WILL enter his Shadow and we can expect some revision in the weeks ahead. Mercury Stations Retrograde on Jan 5 at 1:01 Aquarius.

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