All I Want for Christmas is Uranus Direct!

At 11:00pm EST on Christmas Night, Uranus at 16:34 Aries Stations Direct!! Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!!

The Planet Uranus which brings us awareness, shocking things (like his own name;), change galore, inventions, revelations, out-of-the-box ideas, acquaintances, Facebook and the social network and ASTROLOGY, is going to be moving direct again… looking ahead, rather than behind.

On Uranus Stations each year, I get amazing downloads of insight that really carry me through the next cycle before he Stations Retrograde again. Uranus’ energy is very strong as he Stations and you can get flashes of insight that will give you a headache if you don’t allow them through.

Uranus RULES the Age of Aquarius… the next Astrological Age. We are already in the throes of embracing his crazy ideas as we leave behind the delusions of the Age of Pisces.

3 years ago…as the world was about to end, right? At the end of the Mayan Calendar, Dec 2012, I was riding in a van full of people and suddenly, cuz that’s just how Uranus rolls, I pulled out a notebook and started to jot down the awesome things he had for me. That has been a guiding light to the way I have approached Astrology. Some of it I was doing already, but it took definite form as his flashes hit me. And I just KNEW what was going to happen over the next 6 months.

Uranian flashes can light up the landscape ahead of you ensuring you see the path you are to take.

So, when everyone else is either asleep or fixed in front of their new movie or game box, be sure to steal away to a quiet place (or stay in the noise) and await the anointing of the Age of Aquarius and 5D;) I hope you will share your insights in the comments below!

THIS is my best Christmas gift to give (share it after) and to receive:)

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