Daily Aspects – Dec 24 & 25 – Full Moon and More

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There is one aspect on Christmas Eve that comes in the early morning.

At 5:03am on Thursday Venus at 22:53 Scorpio Sextiles Jupiter at 22:53 Virgo.

Your desires (Venus) around intimacy (Scorpio) and/or resources (Venus and Scorpio) are working productively (Sextile) with your new philosophy (Jupiter) around work and service (Virgo). Your ‘busy-ness’ to finish your ‘to-do list’ has you feeling very optimistic about the Holidays and the pleasure you will have in giving and receiving. Great day to share yourself with someone or many special people.

But by evening, the Full Moon will be building and emotions will be running high. Keep your heart about you;)

At 4:51am on Christmas morning, Mercury at 22:57 Capricorn Semi-Squares Neptune at 7:24 Pisces.

This is not likely to be sugarplums dancing in your head, but rather some old subconscious fear around the ‘Ghosts of Christmas’ Past’ that you wake up and need to shake off so you can go about the day free of your old fears. There is some irritation that only you can fix for yourself. Don’t try to pass the buck to someone else for any dissatisfaction you may feel. Recognize the old fear and let it go and it won’t come back to haunt you again.

At 6:11am we have the Full Moon at 3 Cancer and Sun at 3 Capricorn.

Which reminds me that the Sun has ingressed Capricorn a dew days ago and is now Opposing the Moon giving us a ‘contrast’ around our public reputation and our feelings of love and family. Wow! In 3D, this would be a very Karmic Full Moon to have on Christmas and might the last one you spend with someone in your family. Cancer and Capricorn are both old 3D Karmic Houses (mom and dad respectively). If your wounding (Chiron) has one of these placements, it could be a very touchy Full Moon for you. It will be very emotional for many of us. You could easily realize you spent more money on someone trying to ‘look good’ (Capricorn) rather than really showing your true self and state of affairs (which your family likely already knows anyway). Or you may realize that your family shaped who you are today and be grateful for the lessons they have provided to you.

There is little doubt this Full Moon is going to make it easier for you to forget the ‘Ghosts of Christmas’ Past’, but you really should try to. Let the intense emotions simply wash through you and don’t OWN them. This energy is only YOURS if you react to it. If you can let it go by you then you can gain some mastery over it and move into a higher consciousness space.

This Full Moon will want you to contrast how you were nurtured (Cancer) with how successful you are in life (Capricorn). Don’t take the 3D bait!! You CHOSE to have this experience;) Stay in your Soul awareness.

Thankfully, at 3:19pm Mercury at 22:57 Capricorn Trines Jupiter at 22:57 Virgo.

This energy will be building in the morning as well so you will have some higher consciousness (Jupiter) help (Virgo) to choose words (Mercury) that heal rather than hurt (based on Full Moon). And the words can flow easily for you allowing you to inhabit a 5D space (Trines are transitional from 3D to 5D). So this aspect may well be the one that saves Christmas!

Let your 3D mind (Mercury) be elevated (Jupiter) to take in the Soulfulness of your family over decades and to see how you have each helped each other grow to be who you are today.

Mercury is in his Shadow so some things said may get a do-over down the road, but for today… there COULD BE Peace on Earth if we stay in this vibe and release the emotions of the Full Moon.

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