Daily Aspects – Dec 26 & 27 – Soulful Attraction

Saturday’s aspects have already passed as I write this. Well… It has been an interesting Christmas!! Thank you, Uranus, as you Stationed Direct!

If you had unexpected changes to who, what, where and when of your Holiday plans, then you are not alone.  The power /phone/heat went into a ‘brown out’ early Thursday morning at the motel I live/work at and didn’t come on until 20 minutes before Uranus’ Direct Station. I wanted to write about these aspects in advance, or I felt like I did, but it wouldn’t happen and I accepted it;)

The line-up was very intriguing. So see if you can spot the events/energies AFTER the fact. It was a 4-way of energy!!!

At 3:57am Mars at 25:24 Libra Semi-Sextile the North Node at 25:24 Virgo.

At 6:42am Venus at 25:23 Scorpio Sextiled the North Node at 25:23 Virgo.

At 9:58am Venus at 25:33 Scorpio Semi-Sextiled Mars at 25:33 Libra.

AT THE SAME TIME (9:58am) Mars at 25:33 Libra Semi-Squared Saturn at 10:33 Sagittarius.

These combined aspects put together Soulfulness (North Node), Karma (Saturn) and men/motivation (Mars) with women/desire (Venus). Overall, we were working through Soulful relating that rose above all the old 3D ideas of separation consciousness and there was an openness around Soul-Level connections.

Someone popped up for me to text with that I haven’t spoken with in months because of some other very Soulful lessons. These are the cycles of our relating-ships that can’t be held accountable via 3D ideas of relationship. There is some deeper purpose, some cycles that we come back to and some love we need to remember to stay in Soul Awareness.

Did you get your Christmas Gift of Soul Awareness from Uranus’ Direct Station? It was tied up in the aspects of Venus, Mars, North Node and Saturn!! I have been looking more and more at Pysche’s role in the cylces of ‘relating-ships’. It is ASTOUNDING!! I will share it with you in another post. AND Uranus brought me to a Coffee Shop this morning to write this post and there was a table of 4 women discussing illness and other things. I popped into their conversation and they EACH wanted a card for a Reading and vowed to visit my website. My awareness was very welcome;) The times they are a changing… thank you, Uranus!!

There are no other aspects until 5:34am on Sunday morning when the Sun at 5:20 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron at 17:20 Aquarius.

This will be a nice aspect for seeing how our subconscious wounding has been affecting us father-like and public authorities or our own social status. It may be that we can lose some of these old ideas of ‘control and power’ as the Sun and Chiron bring us through any pain and into a state of gratitude for the whole of this human experience and for the concept of ‘fathers’ in our lives.

At 11:30am Mercury at 25:10 Capricorn Trine the North Node at 25:10 Virgo. Our expressions will be very soulful and easy. Mercury will not be able to block the soulfulness of things as he might like to. The Trine can elevate our expressions into some 5D magic before we can even think about what we are expressing. It will have some flavor of father-like energy, but one where these same entities have been soulfully serving us as well. We may be able to see the other side of a father’s love beyond just providing for us. We will see how he serves us even though he may be at work and not at home.

At 11:23pm on Sunday night Mercury at 25:44 Capricorn Semi-Squares Saturn at 10:44 Sagittarius. Saturn rules Capricorn, where Mercury is Transiting. So the Semi-Square will not be as irritating. We will simply be reminded of how to be accountable to any sense of restriction and to find the big-picture lesson of our needing to do so.

There are no aspects on Monday so it will be time to process all that has occurred with the very Soulful aspects of Saturday and Sunday.

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