Daily Aspects – Productive Clarity

On Tuesday, there are 2 aspects made that will help us see some of the working elements of our concepts of real-time.

At 8:17am the Sun at 7:30 Capricorn Sextiles Neptune at 7:30 Pisces.

Anytime that the Sun connects with Neptune, especially in a productive aspect, we get a glimpse of the things Neptune is doing in our lives. Neptune works behind a shroud of fog to slowly dissolve the ‘structures’ of our lives. The Sun is a luminary and shines the light on what is being dissolved and the state of affairs at this time as the Sun rules ‘real-time.’

For instance, Sunday night, as the Sun was applying to this Sextile to Neptune, the Sun was sitting on my Natal Jupiter, my personal good fortune. And I was discussing my ‘abundance’ theory with someone. Neptune has been in my 10th House of career and public reputation for YEARS. I used to be a Mergers and Acquisitions Business Consultant;) But to look at my life today is a VERY CLEAR example of how Neptune has dissolved the structures (10th House of Career). I have NO career to speak of, not in the old sense. But as I was telling someone last night, I know I am waiting for our new structures to come into place that will have EVERYONE (Neptune) living more authentically as I now do with the Planetary energies.

In fact, beginning in earnest this March, the Era of the Transformers (more to come soon) will kick into high gear bringing about the NEW reality of their Natal Neptune, Conjunct Uranus in Capricorn (natural 10th House of structures). The Sun in Capricorn will be bringing us some clarity around our collective 10th House over the next 3 weeks. See what clarity you can over the few days of this aspect.

At 9:52am Mercury at 27:14 Capricorn Squares Mars at 27:14 Libra.

There is not much connection between the 2 aspects, except that the Sun and Mercury create our sense of ‘reality’ and there is going to be some disconnect here today.

Mercury is in his Shadow Phase 1 of his Retrograde cycle. His ideas are getting carried away with themselves and have little basis in real-time as he is far ahead of the Sun. What gets said here will be revised down the road in a few weeks. So don’t get too worked up over it as Mars energy can tend to do. Good news is that Mars is in his more diplomatic placement and able to think a bit before he acts.

Bottom line is to keep your focus on clarity today rather than what gets expressed. Make a mental note of what gets said, but don’t buy into any finality of it all. It is WHAT is going to be revised here soon. This aspect will be an expression having to do with a relating-ship, but is not the final say.

Building all day on Tuesday will be the aspect that exacts early Wednesday morning.

At 2:04am on Wednesday, Venus at 29:59 Scorpio  Semi-Squares Pluto at 14:59 Capricorn.

There will be a bit of angst over some ‘attraction’ issue and/or someone’s use of authority over you. Or you will simply remember some old 3D desires you used to have that would invoke this response.

In this aspect, Venus will be Conjunct my Natal Sun, sitting at the apex of my T-Square configuration that has been rough over the years;) This last year, Pluto Semi-Squared my Natal Sun and Natal Chiron (Soul-Level wounding) adding more emphasis to the T-Square. AND Saturn Conjuncted my Sun, Squaring both Chiron and Uranus which form the other ‘corners’ of the T-Square. A few years ago as I looked at Mar 16, 2015 with Transiting Uranus also Squaring my Natal Saturn, where Pluto is, I didn’t know how I would survive such a year from my old sense of Astrology. What I DID know is that the Planets would provide me the ability to DEAL with the energies they would be sending my way. And my 5D Astrology writings are the product of that awareness I have received.

I’m grateful that my experience has served as any assistance to anyone else:)


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