Jupiter Conjunct the North Node in Virgo

On August 12 this year, Jupiter ingressed Virgo for a one-year stay. You may have noticed how quickly your optimism went from having a great time (Leo) to have so much work/service to do (Virgo).

Jupiter’s Transit through each Sign helps us to update our philosophies around the energies of that Sign. Virgo rules work, service, duty, volunteering, health and fitness and many other related areas like the workplace, co-workers, first-responders, military, roommates, living situations, etc.

On Jupiter’s first pass through most of Virgo (from 0 – 23:14), he just seems to be overwhelming many with ALL the EXTRA work. On his 2nd pass, he will Station Retrograde on Jan 8th, he will have us in review mode looking at WHY we worked so hard and helping us to see if our work fits into the big-picture of things and makes sense. By the time he leaves Virgo, next August, we will have found a philosophy that supports the WAY we work. Our work won’t just be ‘busy-ness,’ but will integrate with the whole of our lives and the greater good.

On Oct 2, the Transiting North Node (which is a point and not a ‘planetary body), ingressed Virgo, leaving Scorpio behind. The North Node Transits clock-wise and the Planets Transit counter clock-wise.

The North Node and the South Node (which is now Transiting Pisces as the North Node is in Virgo) are called the Nodes of Fate. When they aspect a Planet in your chart, it brings up a deep, soulful lesson for you.

The North Node in Virgo has us focusing on ways to be of ‘service’ and to ‘work’ from a soulful perspective. The South Node is having us ‘let go’ of our sense of ‘flowing’ or ‘avoidance’ of things as it Transits through Pisces. So the focus for the 18 months of the Nodes of Fate through Virgo and Pisces, is more on our ‘outer’ world.

Right now Jupiter is within orb of his Conjunction to the North Node that will exact on Jan 23. Jupiter will stay within orb of the North Node through the end of February.

What energy is their combined focus bringing to us now?

Well, our physical philosophy (Jupiter) will become aligned with our Soulful perspective of ‘work/service.’ This couldn’t come at a better time!

The Baby-Boomers have long held onto their ‘Protestant Work Ethic’ ideals that we should ALL get a job in exchange for retirement, health-care and not to be a burden to our children.

But the ‘Transformers’ (those born between 1991-1994) will be ‘transforming’ this reality over the next 2 years.

Jupiter and the North Node are making ‘work’ more about SERVICE that comes from wanting to do it rather than HAVING to do it. It is a good Transit to help those who can’t find a ‘job’ to find something they WANT to do and to share it as a service to others.

Baby-Boomers kept account of everything. They quantified ‘work’ into days and hours and a very regimented hierarchy that would ‘honor’ their hard work. But the Planets are not supporting that energy any more and so it is TIME for a change…. TIME is signified by the changing energies from the Planets.

Losing track of your work IS what Jupiter and the North Node would bring us to. We won’t be counting the hours anymore. We will focus on the ‘doing’ for the enjoyment of it. And from that enjoyment the blessings will flow.

If we all followed the ‘song in our hearts’ to do what we LOVE, we would lose all sense of ‘limitation’ (Gemini/Mercury and move towards Sagittarius/Jupiter) and more into abundance.

Do your ‘work’ as though it ISN’T work at all… do IT because it FEELS good. If it doesn’t feel good, there is some other work you should be doing. Trust the Universe to point you in the direction that is right for YOU. Don’t let others tell you how to live this experience we call life! Your Soul knows the role you should play.

From now until the end of February, find YOUR NICHE! Find the Song in your Soul for what your service will be. Even if its to be a ‘porn star’… GO do it!! All the world NEEDS is less fear! Your Soul doesn’t KNOW fear!! Follow the Song of your Soul;)

Pisces rules music. If you use your subconscious mind (where the South Node is) to direct you… the Song of your Soul… your outer expression of work (Virgo) will align with what we all need (Jupiter).


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