Daily Aspects – Desires Meets Drastic Change

Wednesday and Thursday we have Venus wrapping up her stay in Scorpio and ingressing Sagittarius while she encounters the 2 Planets that brought us through ‘Drastic Change’ from Jun 2012 – Mar 2015: Pluto and Uranus.

Uranus and Pluto are within a 3 degree orb right now so there is some of their ‘drastic change’ energies available to us at the moment.

Uranus rules revelation and the change that revelation creates while Pluto rules drastic, revolutionary transformation.

Uranus in Aries since Mar 2011 has been bringing revelation to the individual (Aries). Uranus desires freedom and equality and we each have been moving towards greater personal freedom since then.

Pluto has been in Capricorn since late 2008 and has been showing us the misuse of power coming from our father-like and/or public authorities. Not each public authority is ‘corrupt’, but there is a corruption in their overall stance. We are, EACH OF US, playing Pluto to someone in our lives and someone is playing Pluto for us. No judgment, right? The point of Pluto showing us the under-handedness is to get us to take back our natural law rights of personal sovereignty. So he creates the friction that necessitates us to have our own power. Capricorn is the Sign of ‘power’ as it rules the banks, corporations and government entities.

Since Jun 2012, these 2 Planets had a series of 7 Squares to each other creating the ‘Drastic Change’ for each individual as a response to the misuse of authority. The last time these 2 Planets were in a series of Squares, was in the 1930s, when they had 5 Squares and on the Opening Square, Hitler was elected to office. During their Squares over the last few years, we had flashbacks of mankind going back to that and/or forward from it. It spurred us to change. And Uranus’ revelations lit up the enlightened path ahead for us to follow. He is ushering us into the new Astrological Age–the Age of Aquarius, which Uranus rules.

And so it is, with this bit of Astrological perspective in place, that Venus meets both of these Planets over the next 2 days. Her 2 aspects are the only ones before the year 2015 comes to an end (not an Astrological ‘date’ btw).

At 2:04am on Wednesday, Venus at 29:59 Scorpio Semi-Squares Pluto at 14:59 Capricorn.

The 29th degree of any/every Sign is considered a critical degree, or Anaretic in Astro jargon. Pluto rules Scorpio and he rules intimacy and the use of other people’s money in exchange for intimacy/transparency/integrity, etc. Venus rules the opposite ‘money house’ of Taurus which rules our OWN resources and earned income as well as loving, sensual touch that we share as we desire. Venus rules desire. Pluto rules all forms and means of realizing desires. In 3D, Pluto was a masterful manipulator or seductress. But in 5D, Pluto merely seeks to ‘merge’ with another as a way of expressing true sharing.

In a Semi-Square, there is a bit of an irritation. Pluto in Capricorn may be acting from a point of authority or power rather than truly meeting at on equal/sharing feeling. That could ruffle Venus’ feathers a bit, but the irritation could still make for a merger and acquisition type of situation if you DO want to join forces;) There is a critical nature (Anaretic degree) to the decision here and it will be felt that you must overcome the irritation (Semi-Square).

Right after this aspect exacts, Venus will ingress Sagittarius allowing her to have no regrets over her tough decision. She will be filled with optimism and hope for the best outcome down the road that can result from her ‘pairing’ with Pluto. And so all of Wednesday will feel quite expansive and fortunate around our own beauty and our philosophy of abundance.

At the same time, the next aspect is building. At 9:22am on Thursday morning, Venus at 1:34 Sagittarius Ses-Squares Uranus at 16:34 Aries.

Ses-Squares are an ease that results once an adjustment has been made. While Venus may have ‘merged’ in some way with Pluto, putting her assets on the line in joint venture with Pluto’s powerful energy, she still needs to consider her own personal path to freedom (Uranus in Aries). She will have some revelations coming through to her once she loosens her possessive hold on the ‘merger’ idea and allows some fresh insight to come through.

Yes, she is being ‘drastically changed’ in her perspective (Sagittarius) around her desires, but there is a way that her own needs need to work within the whole (Sagittarius) of any group (Uranus rules the social network) as well. The ’empires’ she and Pluto used to build, are crumbling as Pluto Transits Capricorn so she MUST consider the big picture (Sagittarius) as well as each individual’s need for freedom (Uranus in Aries). Venus MUST consider equality for all as she aspects Uranus. Gone are the days of CEO bonuses (ignore any talk of it and they will go away) and DEBT. When Venus meets Uranus she will be looking at ways to distribute the benefits globally (Sagittarius) and without any thought of pay-back. Uranus rules philanthropy and when we begin to respond from this standpoint, we will have NO LIMITATION worries!

YES, we are ALL being ‘drastically changed!’ As Uranus and Pluto begin to leave their orb to each other, let’s get this lesson from Venus in very big way (Sagittarius)… that to GIVE is to HAVE all that you need! Trust the electrical current that Uranus provides and KNOW that the flow will come back to you as you need it. But it will ALWAYS come as a GIFT!! And not a DEBT!!

It is a noble calling for Venus as she navigates these 2 aspects. She needs to stay within her new 5D energies in order to keep her beauty in tact–real beauty comes from within;) As she is in Sagittarius, the Sign Jupiter rules, Venus WILL BE acting from a higher place and her new revelations can shake the very foundations of all that Pluto is seeking to transform: public and father-like authority.

In the Age of Pisces, which we are leaving at warp speed, ‘anarchy’ was a very big subconscious fear. Yet, with Uranus leading this move in that direction, you can be SURE there is no such need for any fear around it. In 5D, in the Age of Aquarius, in our Neo-Cortex brain, we do NOT need outside authorities to manage anything for us. The god-like revelation of Uranus is available to all… it IS where the concept of Emmanuel (God within) was derived;)

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