Daily Aspects – Jan 3 & 4 – Magical, Soulful Desires

The aspect on Sunday has already occurred as I write this post. The last few days have been very busy for me as I was organizing and then presenting my ‘5D Astrology, the Theory of Everything’ videos for this website and a new YouTube channel under 5D Astrology.

I couldn’t have asked for 2 better assistants as my audience and camerapersons: Mariah Taliah Brecht and her friend, Hodge (got his birthdate info, of course, but not a last name:( Now the editing don’t to manageable sizes for posting, etc…. Stay tuned, though, I think you will like it! There is NO math… just so you know;)

But on Sunday and Monday, we have some very nice magical and soulful aspects occurring that emphasize our higher consciousness desires…

At 9:08am on Sunday morning Venus at 5:12 Sagittarius Quintiles Jupiter at 23:12 Virgo.

Jupiter rules Venus in Sagittarius and there is much expansion around serving those we desire, or expanded ways to earn a living that supports the needs of the whole of us. Or new philosophies around work that supports more abundance around resources for us all. Or you could simply yourself attracted to a foreign waiter that is serving you;) Hopefully there was a bit more magic than that!.. lol

At 4:16pm on Monday Venus at 6:47 Sagittarius Quintiles the North Node.

In effect, there is no let up of the great, soulful and magical energy of these 2 days as Jupiter and the North Node are so tightly Conjunct.

The North Node simply adds in a more soulful feel to everything and holds us to a standard around 5D ideas of seeing each other soulfully. The magic that occurs is likely to be around how to do ‘relating-ships’ better than always trying to pin down the energy into a ‘relationship.’ Or it will be about how service to another inspires more reciprocity and the mix.

Or you will have soulful desires for sharing your resources that allows for a more abundant, magical result. Watch to see what magic occurs for you over these 2 days. It can feel very surreal how easily things go for you at work (Virgo) or in moving around a big city.

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