Daily Aspects – Jan 7 – Clarifying Awareness

As the Sun straddles the ‘Drastic Change’ Squares of Uranus to Pluto energy that dominated 2012 – 2015, we are getting a new clarity around all the transforming change we have been through and what is still ahead.

On Tuesday night, the Sun Conjunct Pluto at 15:14 Capricorn. (Just one minute from my Natal Saturn, so this was very personal.) And these 2 heavenly bodies ended and began an annual cycle together. In roughly one more year, the Sun will meet Pluto just a bit further down the Capricorn line (say 17 degrees). Pluto’s furthest orb for all of 2016 takes him from 15:03 Capricorn on Jan 1, to Stationing Retrograde on Apr 18 at 17:29 Capricorn and Stationing Direct on Sep 27 at 14:56 Capricorn and only reaches 16:57 on New Year’s Eve.

With Pluto, there is always a narrow range of degrees he Transits each year. So now we have him beginning to Conjunct (in March) the tight, tight orb of Uranus and Neptune Conjunction that is in the Natal Chart of those born in 1992-1993. They will begin the Vast, Transformational Change of the new era of our experience here on the spinning ball we call Earth.

In 2015, Uranus brought them awareness around what changes they would need to make. Now as Pluto Conjuncts them beginning in March, we will begin to see how they subconsciously respond to the transformational change they are meant to herald in for us all.

The Sun is Transiting these same degrees from Tuesday night through Thursday. The Sun was just Conjunct Pluto so there is some clarity over this side of the Square that has to do with the ways we, and all father-like authorities, use their power. All day Wednesday, the Sun Squaring Uranus will bring us clarity around the awareness we need in order to navigate the Vast, Transformational Change of the next 2 years.

At 7:22am on Thursday morning, the Sun at 16:38 Capricorn Squares Uranus at 16:38 Aries.

This is awareness around how we will find our path to freedom that will move us away from any misuse of authority coming from father-like authorities or public authorities. Uranus is known to be shocking and surprising and to bring us unexpected events, people, places and things. If you are blocking the awareness Uranus is bringing straight through your crown chakra (Aries) then you will, have been or are suffering from headaches and migraines if you are an Aries Sun or Rising Sign.

You need to follow the clarity of Wednesday and Thursday and find your freedom. If EACH of us follows our own path to freedom, as lit up by Uranus’ flashes of lightning insight and revelation, we will have CHANGED our public structures (Capricorn) without having to engage Pluto (the powers that be) physically. While Mars, which rules Aries, loves a good battle (especially when in close contact to Pluto who is still within orb), Uranus is ALL about freedom. Follow the awareness and we will TRANSFORM and CHANGE things without a fight.

Mars is all about initiating freedom for himself anyway. Use the revelation of Uranus to ensure your path ahead IS truly a ‘freeing’ path. If you don’t follow Uranus, you will be like Lot and turn around to see Sodom and Gemorrah burn and you will turn to a pillar of salt. However, if you take the new, crazy, bizarre, out-of-the-box ideas that Uranus provides, you will just keep on moving to a brighter, new tomorrow.

Turning to look at Pluto or the old 3D structures of your life will put you right back into the heavy Karma of 3D. Because you will be buying into the physical reality your Karma created. The ONLY PATH out of Karma is to IGNORE IT… to LET IT GO… to FORGIVE them AND you and MOVE ON!!

There is a powerful lesson over these 2 days. The separating aspect all day on Thursday will show you WHAT is leaving your life, but you will be THANKFUL, at that point, for it to go;)

Revelation vs. Revolution… Uranus Square Pluto…. like Rock, Scissors, Paper… Revelation trumps physical revolution. AND, if you move on the revelation, the revolution will be completed!

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