Daily Aspects – Jan 11 – Desire Begins Change

On Monday Mercury has an irritating aspect to Saturn. And then Venus enters into a ‘drastic change’ series of 2 aspects to Pluto and Uranus which wraps up on Tuesday. Could be a revelatory few days;)

At 2:56pm on Monday, Mercury Retrograde at 27:17 Capricorn Semi-Squares Saturn at 12:17 Sagittarius.

Mercury’s first pass to this degree was on Dec 29-30. He will pass this degree again on Feb 11. Saturn is making his first pass to this degree and will return to 12:17 Sagittarius on Jun 14. This the degree where Saturn will make his 2nd Square to Neptune in Pisces on Jun 18.

Whatever the ‘headlines’ or other expressions are today, we can bet that it will be heralding some information as to the structures that are dissolving via Saturn’s 3 Squares to Neptune: Nov 27, 2015; Jun 18 and Sep 10, 2016.

If there is some irritation around what gets expressed, you have between now and this summer to get right with all that is leaving your life in the way of support systems and foundations.

Saturn in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces means that the types of structures (Saturn) that are dissolving (Neptune/Pisces) have to do with big-picture perspectives and philosophies (aka ideologies, religions, scientific theories), foreign boundaries and borders, publishing methods, colleges and universities, Senior benefits, perhaps as Sagittarius is the Sign of the ‘mature person.’ There will be ‘forgiveness’ of many types of things as we dissolve the structures that kept count of them: student loans, Senior mortgages or reverse mortgages, amnesty for illegals, etc. are all likely types of things we can expect to dissolve in some way.

On a personal level, this aspect with Mercury may show you some of your personal areas that will be up for dissolving by June.

Saturn rules Mercury and the structures of Capricorn that involve our father-like structures and structures of our public authorities. So this aspect will be strongly focused on the big deal of the Saturn/Neptune Squares.

Jupiter which rules Sagittarius, and Saturn Transiting that Sign, just Stationed Retrograde on Friday at 23:14 Virgo. So we will begin reviewing some of the ‘legal’ areas around our workplaces, living situations, ways we we work and why and integration with a global perspective of service.

Monday night and Tuesday morning belong to ‘Desire Begins Change’ energy as Venus meets Pluto and Uranus.

At 6:18pm Venus at 15:26 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 15:26 Capricorn.

This is Part 1 of a 2-part aspect that pulls in the ‘Drastic Change’ Squares of Uranus to Pluto that occurred from Jun 24, 2012 – Mar 16, 2015.

Venus in Sagittarius is very optimistic about her desires for the material good of all as she takes a global view of things and may be willing to share what she has.¬†Pluto in Capricorn is showing us some misuse of authority around how public entities use our ‘shared resources’ or our collective capital.

In this minor, but productive aspect, these 2 may find a way to pool ‘mine and yours’ in order to satisfy Venus’ new philosophies of reciprocity and balance (Venus rules Libra, the Sign that just had the North Node Transiting there for 18 months teaching us how to be more giving of ourselves and our resources).

They may merge themselves in some way as well as this aspect is ‘big desire’ and ‘sexual power.’

At 7:11pm on Tuesday night, Venus at 16:42 Sagittarius Trines Uranus at 16:42 Aries.

Venus is within orb of this Trine to Uranus as she makes her productive aspect to Pluto. This means she will have the benefit of Uranus’ shocking, surprising and out-of-the-box ideas to share with Pluto as she maps out a new philosophy for the global use of her resources that satisfies any benefactors who have gotten her to where she is.

Uranus brings an ideal of freedom to the mix of any business dealing Venus might strike with Pluto. So there needs to be plenty of equality and philanthropy in the ideas that Uranus sparks Venus to desire.

As Uranus infuses her desires with new ideas, our DESIRES BRING CHANGE and we move towards putting new philosophies (Sagittarius) in place to further secure the ‘Drastic Change’ Uranus and Pluto cemented for us over the last 4 years.

Venus is in a High-Minded Sign, Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. In aspect to Uranus, we have the greatest opportunity to arrive at new ideas that create a new philosophy for the good of all.

How are YOU going to take what you HAVE (Venus) right now and turn it into something that ‘feeds’ the multitudes? It is one of those magical times where the ‘Trine’ energy can take our thinking from 3D all the way into 5D magic allowing for the CHANGE to be GLOBAL and HUGE.

Depending on which Houses you have these 3 Planets in will determine which group/s of people you are dealing with. Do your best to take those radical new ideas of philanthropy and create an entirely new ‘currency’ of magic that truly satisfies you and others down to their toes;)


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