Daily Aspects – Jan 13 – Higher Minded Clarity for New Goals

The last week has been taking us a long ways towards setting goals for the next annual cycle, specifically goals regarding our collective public structures and ideas around public authority.

Why is this? Well, we have the Sun in aspect to 2 of our Higher Mind Planets on Wednesday: Jupiter and Neptune. And we have the Sun Conjunct Mercury Retrograde, for the Inferior Conjunction on Thursday. And the Sun Trines the Nodes of Fate on Thursday as well. And just last week, the Sun, which rules real-time and our goals and purpose, met with Pluto in a loose Square to Uranus (our 3rd Higher Mind) to show us what our ‘Drastic Change’ has been and where we are heading now with revelation from Uranus. And we just had a ‘fresh start’ New Moon at 20 Capricorn (round up) which put our feelings (Moon) in sync with our clarified purpose and goals (Sun).

So, if by Friday, you don’t know where things stand in your life, then you need to do some reflecting of events over this last week for the breadcrumbs that where there to show you.

The Sun in Capricorn has been taking us over the degrees of Pluto’s TRANSFORMATIVE powers since he entered Capricorn to stay in late 2008, early 2009. The Sun began to separate from Pluto on Jan 5 and Squared Uranus which is moving ahead of Pluto degree-wise giving us the awareness we need to manage any further transformation Pluto brings over the next several years.

With Jupiter Transiting the Sign of Virgo, the Sign where Uranus and Pluto started their current cycle in 1966, we are working on a new philosophy around the areas of our lives that they touched at that time: work/jobs, workplace, accounting, health, fitness, food productivity and processing, areas of service and duty, military service, volunteering, etc.

Now the Sun will Trine Jupiter and show us how our public structures may benefit from us creating a new philosophy around work. But just before that, the Sun makes an aspect to Neptune.

At 10:37am on Wednesday, the Sun at 22:53 Capricorn Semi-Squares Neptune at 7:53 Pisces.

Here there is a bit of irritation that we need to ‘see’ and grow through or around. The Sun shines the foglight through Neptune’s mist of confusion and uncertainty. That is likely when the irritation will appear because you can see something that has been hidden from you. When you see that subconscious thing, simply notice it and let it go. It will evaporate into the mist as Neptune continues to further dissolve the areas of your life (Astrological House) where you have 7:53 Pisces in your chart. This irritation will become a nugget of insight that you need as you move forward. Remember this mile-marker as your ‘guidepost’ through the dissolving energies of Neptune.

At 5:49pm on Wednesday, the Sun at 23:11 Capricorn Trines Jupiter Retrograde at 23:11 Virgo.

Jupiter has begun the ‘review’ (Retrograde) phase of his Transit in Virgo. We are now looking back at how much work we have been doing since Jupiter entered Virgo in August and deciding what big picture ideas we need to incorporate into our a new philosophy around work and health. The Sun in Capricorn is giving us clarity around how our public structures can better support this new philosophy. This makes it a great time to see our ‘work ethic’ from a public authority perspective and to use that insight to create the best philosophy that we can imagine (Sun just met Neptune which brings in our imagination).

As the Sun makes this 3-way aspect with 2 of our Higher Mind Planets, we have the benefit of seeing the collective (Neptune) big picture (Jupiter) in regards to our new cycle around public authority and the foundations of our systems, especially as they relate to work, healthcare, service and food production.

These areas are the ones that are going to receive VAST, TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE by the early 20-somethings as Pluto Conjuncts their Natal Uranus/Neptune Conjunction in Capricorn beginning most intensely this March through end of 2017.

With the Sun meeting all of the Outer Planets since Jan 2 when the Sun Semi-Sextiled Saturn, we have the best shot at clarity around all the current issues affecting our father-like and public authorities and structures of our lives and careers (all Capricorn areas). Take in the clarity from these aspects and see if you can discern where things are heading so you can align your goals and plans accordingly, as the Sun helps us to create goals and purpose through the clarity it provides us.

On Thursday morning, the Sun will Trine the North Node in Libra providing us a chance to ensure our new clarity aligns with Soul intention. And then the Sun Conjuncts Mercury and can bring our Higher Minded Clarity to our lower, conscious mind, Mercury. At that point, Mercury will move through the aspects the Sun has recently made to the Outer Planets bringing us more ‘details’ as we review our plans around pursuing our goals.

But on Thursday night, we have an aspect from Venus that will throw another variable into the equation of Soulful Clarity as the Sun Trines the North Node on Friday morning.

At 7:26pm Venus at 17:56 Sagittarius Squares Chiron at 17:56 Pisces.

Venus is a Healing Planet so this won’t be as bad as it might otherwise be, but we can expect some sort of Soul-Level pain to pop up to challenge us as we are gaining clarity. There is likely to be little connection to the aspects of clarity the Sun is making, except that Venus’ optimism (Sagittarius) right now might receive a bit of a pain that causes her to search her Soul for some answers to how best to share herself or her resources with others. Venus’ wounding (Chiron in Taurus or the 2nd House) is around lack. With Venus in Sagittarius, she has been feeling abundant and this aspect could be a reminder that she needs to keep her self-esteem separate from her own bottom-line. Venus rules self-esteem AND our own available resources. If we get wounded around a bit of lack today, try to remember that you are MORE than the sum of your own food pantry, or checkbook, or your beauty. As Sagittarius energy would remind Venus, there are many different perspectives of beauty, there are many different types of resources and loads of types of food. This aspect will have Venus (you or a woman in your life) reflecting on her own worth and beauty and arriving at a new perspective around it.

It just so happens that this aspect occurs just minutes (7 to be exact) from your my Ascendant (highest point of self-awareness/my outer personality/Rising Sign) at 18:03 Gemini which puts my Descendant (7th House of close friends and partners) at 18:03 Sagittarius. On Saturday, I will have the 3rd, and LAST!!, exact Square of Chiron to this axis in my chart. It has been quite a year… painful at times, but so Soulful as well. Venus will be providing me a heads-up of what that aspect might bring.

And on Thursday, we will have 1 of about 6 days each year where our thoughts and ideas (Mercury) are in sync with real-time and our goals (Sun). It is a day to keep track of all that you say and hear. Get ready;)



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