Daily Aspects – Jan 16 & 17 – Personal Expressions

Following his Inferior Conjunction with the Sun, that was also Trine Jupiter and the North Node at the same time, Mercury is now going to meet with the 2 other Personal Planets, Venus and Mars, bringing all of our Personal energies up to speed with the profound clarity of Thursday’s 4-way aspect.

From Saturday morning to Sunday evening, we will have a 3-way aspect applying between Mercury Retrograde, Venus and Mars. The expression is going to be about our relating-ships, our desires, our motivations, our intimate dealings, our use of authority and our own resources and resources that we share. AND it will cover male and female energy. But it is all very personal.

At 10:25am on Saturday morning, Mercury Retrograde at 21:09 Capricorn Semi-Sextiles Venus at 21:09 Sagittarius.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius so the energy of expansion and higher consciousness is still in effect as Venus and Mercury make this aspect. Venus is working a new philosophy around how she can use her own resources for the big picture to benefit all. She is expanding the ways she sees ‘ownership’ and understanding that it is a 3D thought stemming from separation consciousness. With Mercury in aspect we can expect to have a way of expressing our new desires (Venus) around the use of our own resource within the big picture. With Capricorn energy thrown in, we can expect to want to initiate some new structures that foster a better way to put our own resources to work.

At 3:00pm on Sunday, Mercury Retrograde at 19:42 Capricorn Quintiles Mars at 7:42 Scorpio.

Here we are going to have a 5D/magical aspect between our new goals and ideas (seeded at the Inferior Conjunction) and our motivation for intimacy, business and other ways of sharing ourselves and using other people’s money. Our words (Mercury) will deliver the authority (Capricorn) necessary to seal some sort of agreement (Mercury). Mars is passionate about what is being offered and Mercury’s words will get him on board with the deal. Or someone in a position of some authority is going to suggest a way to share resources that promote greater transparency and intimacy/honesty into the equation.

At 5:55pm Venus at 22:45 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Mars at 7:45 Scorpio.

Here Venus may feel that she isn’t heard until the deal is signed and this may irritate her a bit. But she can move past any irritation into a more sharing stance if she just rises above the situation and takes in the big picture.

Venus is also applying to Square Jupiter in Virgo at the same time so she needs to step up the challenge of not being irritated and see from a larger perspective. Jupiter in Virgo is going to help her to remember that service right now is the answer to implementing her new desires.


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