Venus Ingresses Capricorn

About 3:42pm EST on Saturday, Venus Ingresses Capricorn.

This is just prior to the Sun Semi-Square Chiron and the Full Moon in Leo.

The energy of our desires and the ways we obtain our resources will shift their focus. Sagittarius energy is expansive and optimistic and very fortunate. Venus in that Sign means that resources are rather easy to come by. You feel abundance can happen and it tends to.

But in Capricorn, where my Natal Venus resides, resources obtained require some structures in our lives that ensure we will have them. In Capricorn, Venus has to work harder for her money. She is attractive to public authorities allowing her some clout in corporate circles to find ways to obtain her resources, but ‘work’ she must, nonetheless.

The US’s Natal Venus is also in Capricorn and when Pluto, now in Capricorn again, was Conjunct our Natal Venus (at 24 Capricorn, I believe) that last time (roughly +/- 248 years ago), as the colonists fought the American (Capricorn) Revolution (Pluto).

Today, we find Transiting Venus and Transiting Pluto in Capricorn as they are annually now at roughly this same time of year. There is going to be some new desires around resources that we share/use/borrow (Pluto) with public authorities (Capricorn, government, banks, corporations).

From this Sign, Venus will Sextile Neptune and Semi-Sextile Saturn giving us a look at some of the things these 2 Karmic Planets are dissolving since Nov 2015 through Sep 2016. Then she will Conjunct Pluto, beginning a new cycle around our personal resources (Venus) and other people’s resources (Pluto) with various connections to governments, banks, corporations (Capricorn). She will Square Uranus giving us a look at how our personal path to freedom lines up with our new desires as she was Conjunct Pluto.

Then she will Sextile Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. On Feb 10, she will Trine Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo giving us a the biggest boost as she allows us to see how our new ‘work ethic/philosophy’ will work harmoniously with her desires for structures in her life. She will Semi-Square Neptune before she slips into Aquarius.

A very interesting month is ahead as Venus adds more details to our goals and purpose that the Sun was giving us as the Sun Transited through Capricorn. Mercury is going to be going Direct again and helping our expressions and our plans to support her desires as well.

Mercury is beginning to slow as he pulls into his Direct Station just before 5:00pm on Monday.


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  1. From yesterday’s post: “So remember gratitude and you will be fine;)” Thanks! I needed that!! Really appreciate your work and giftedness, Beth!

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