Daily Aspects – Jan 27 – A Week of Higher Mind, Soulful Clarity

I didn’t have time on Sunday to write about the culmination of aspects the Sun makes throughout this week. So here it is. In some hindsight, you can see things better anyway.

From just before the Full Moon on Saturday night through Thursday, the Sun is bringing us unexpected, revelatory (Aquarius) clarity (Sun) as the Sun first Semi-Squared Soulful Chiron (on Saturday hours before the Full Moon), Opposed the intuitive Moon (at the Full Moon), made magic with revelatory Uranus (on Monday morning), the North Node and Jupiter (on Wednesday) and Neptune (on Thursday). This means the Sun is connecting with each of our Higher Mind Planets (Uranus, Jupiter and Neptune) as well as 2 Soulful points, the North Node and Chiron.

It should be a revealing week… and one that holds some surprises for all of us. Though the surprise will simply be in the ‘seeing’ of something from a different or soulful perspective.

The Sun made a magical aspect to Uranus kicking off our week. Did you have any awareness come through for you? I have been working on the 3rd capture of the 1st half of my ‘5D Astrology, the Theory of Everything’ video, and had some break-throughs. I have tried capturing the video on 3 different devices: HD video camera, iPhone 6 and now a desktop Mac that is 10 years old and performs like a champion. Why? Because inside a Mac, all of the video software is seamless… Hmmm…? Seamless? Yes, meaning there is no ‘separation consciousness’ between the different apps. Cool.

That JUST MIGHT BE the very lesson that really hits home for you this entire week. PCs are fragmented compared to the seamlessness of a Mac. And how about these new ‘open source’ clouds out there that Wikipedia operates from, or WordPress where I built and manage this website from. A ‘cloud’ is a good example of Jupiter in nature, but operates like Neptune below the surface of the water where it is hard to detect any ‘boundaries’ because Neptune is really ‘formlessness’.

And so you have the depth of the clarity that is abounding for us this week. It won’t be superficial. It won’t be outward. It WILL BE an inward clarity that can bring you straight into 5D with no looking back.

At 7:47pm on Wednesday, the Sun at 7:31 Aquarius Ses-Squares the North Node at 22:31 Virgo and at 9:57pm the Sun at 7:36 Aquarius Ses-Squares Jupiter at 22:36 Virgo.

This is a 3-way aspect that has Jupiter and the North Node energies merged and making an adjustment that results in an ease to the Sun. My doing this video IS this week-long conjunction of Jupiter to the North Node. They are on the same degree all week making a 2nd exact Conjunction on Friday. The Sun here is adding in some Uranian energy to the mix and the Sun will be giving us clarity around how these energies are working for us.

Virgo is about volunteering as well and this does mesh more easily with Aquarius philanthropy.

With Higher Minds all so closely aligned, we will all be getting an upgrade towards being more Soulful, seeing the big picture and thinking out of the usual ‘box’ of our lives. The Sun is where we are setting our goals and purpose right now. In Aquarius, we focused on the social network, groups of people, equality, philanthropy, universal ideals. The North Node and Jupiter have of creating a new, Soulful philosophy of how to be of service to others. There is definitely room to make some adjustments when you try to put these 2 consciousness thoughts together. But once synthesized, we will have a great ease for our new universal goals.

With one last aspect on Thursday, when the Sun Semi-Sextiles Neptune, our new clarity of our universal goals will become open source and upgrade our collective unconscious. We will find ourselves drawing from a more purified well that is Neptune’s god-head energy.

EYES WIDE SHUT is how this might be best described. Mercury, our lower conscious mind is now Direct, but still moving slowly. He is not in a strong position to trip us up with the physical world right now. So it is the perfect time to ‘look’ (Sun) WITHIN rather than WITHOUT to see what we are birthing now.

Aquarius is the 11th natural House. The Sun is nearing the completion of an annual Astrological cycle. In Aquarius, we are learning to literally share what we have, give of it freely before we end this cycle in Pisces.

It reminds me of the story of Andrew Carnegie. A real philanthropist.

When JP Morgan bought Carnegie’s steel empire at the turn of the 20th Century, Carnegie became the wealthiest man on the Planet overnight. But he went on to write a book that explained how he felt that a wealthy man should give it all away (Aquarius) before he died/ended/dissolved (Pisces) or he would become the most despised person on the Planet. Carnegie did… but few have since.

In 5D, wealth means nothing!! You don’t even require money. This week will take you far along the path of a new expression of 5D reality. Soak it in!! Let the Aquarius/Uranian flashes hit you and make you NEW.


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