Daily Aspects – Feb 4 & 5 – Soulful Clarity

We have one minor aspect on Thursday and 5 aspects on Friday so I am breaking up Friday’s aspects.

At 8:15 am on Thursday morning, Venus at 14:24 Capricorn Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 14:24 Sagittarius.

In a hard aspect these 2 Planets can seem to restrict beauty, restrict finances and social status. However, this is a more productive aspect and Saturn IS in the Sign that Jupiter rules so his optimism keeps Saturn from getting too crazy;) Saturn rules Venus right now, however, so there is lots of Saturn accountability here. Still, not a big aspect, you may find yourself desiring more structures in your life or more stability in some area.

Throughout Friday evening we will be preparing for some nice magic.

At 4:13am on Saturday morning, the Sun at 15:59 Aquarius Biquintiles Jupiter at 21:59 Virgo.

Wow! Expansive clarity that could easily be unexpected (Aquarius). When the Sun Conjuncts Jupiter each year, most Astrologers call this the most fortunate day of the year, but a Biquintile is double-magic and this has the potential to be very fortunate. If you are looking for clarity in some area of your life dealing with your acquaintances, social network or philanthropy (Aquarius), you should have it. If you are looking for clarity around how you can apply universal ideals (Aquarius) to your new ‘work ethic’ (Virgo), you should have it. One thing for sure, this night will feel very fortunate for socializing (Aquarius) with co-workers (Virgo). Together, you just might come up with some great new ideas (Aquarius) to improve your working environment, or fitness or your health issues.

At 10:12am on Saturday morning, the Sun at 16:15 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto in Capricorn.

Again, another minor aspect, but you could have some clarity around who is Pluto in your life right now and see how they have been helping you to find your freedom even if it has been through some mis-use of their authority. This can be some unexpected clarity that shows you a new way of viewing the Pluto entity’s role in your life. This revelation will be of great help as you move towards goals of greater freedom for all.

Pluto’s strength to destroy has certainly been diminishing as I believe that DOES confirm his ‘Dwarf Planet’ status. As each of us follows our own path to freedom (as Uranus in Aries has been leading us to), we have begun to drain his energy to ‘destroy’ and he is more of an ‘annoy-ance’ energy now. Removing your focus from Pluto and towards your own path is key at this time. Pluto has crossed the threshold of 15+ degrees of Capricorn and it is time for the rebuilding of our Capricorn energies to fit the new age, the Age of Aquarius and 5D.

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