Daily Aspects – Feb 8 – New Moon at 19:16 Aquarius

There is a powerful New Moon on Monday morning that has a few old 3D Boomerang Finger of Gods in it along with the Sun and Moon in Square to Mars, though it is separating.

It could the friction you need to make a powerful ‘fresh start’ this month wherever you have 19:16 Aquarius in your chart.

There are 3 aspects early on Monday morning just as the Moon is applying to Conjunct the Sun that will set the tone for the New Moon.

At 4:38am Venus at 19:09 Capricorn Sextiles Chiron at 19:09 Pisces.

This aspect actually continues the 3-way aspect between the Sun, Venus and Mars yesterday as they were all at 18+ degrees of their respective Signs on Saturday, but the Sun and Venus will meet Chiron at 19+ degrees JUST BEFORE THE NEW MOON.

Choose healing and gratitude for any pain that you feel, as you watch some old pains leave your life if you choose this route. Chiron in Pisces is working to wrap up our old pains if we will allow that energy in. If we stay stuck in the old pain, we may have to deal with it for much longer down the road. Venus is a Healing Planet so use some healing touch to smooth over any bumps on Sunday night and Monday morning.

At 7:20am the Sun at 19:10 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 19:09 Pisces.

Here there is some clarity around the need for healing and you can shift into gratitude for all that you see this morning.

There is actually a Boomerang Finger of God at the time of the New Moon that involves the Sun, Moon and Damocles (at 22 Aquarius) which is a point of high anxiety Sextile to Eris (at 22 Aries) which is a point of discord, pointing the energy into Jupiter and the North Node (at 21 and 22 Virgo respectively). But this energy boomerangs back into Chiron in Pisces. Wow! There is a lot that is being worked through in our collective unconscious (Pisces) so it is best to just watch and let any healing in that you can.

At 8:56am Mercury at 23:44 Capricorn Semi-Squares Neptune at 23:44 Pisces.

Well, even your best effort with healing touch and gratitude will likely not stop a few irritating words so prepare yourself now for what might get said. You know what it will be. It is an old issue between you that you need to realize is just your old 3D self talking back to you and let it roll right off of you. Be Teflon on Monday morning while you keep your focus on the fresh start that is opening up for you. Don’t take any bait around words that you know are not true to your higher self.

At 9:40am on Monday morning, the Moon at 19:16 Aquarius Conjuncts the Sun at 19:16 Aquarius.

If a message I saw on FB is right and Super Bowl Sunday is the most violent day of the year against women, then the Square to Mars won’t likely help matters any. Nor will the still-in-orb Square of Venus and Pluto in Capricorn Square to Uranus in Aries which is also Quincunx Mars. This New Moon may be some ‘fresh start’ around the stories that have been playing out all week as these aspects were exacting. Like a re-run of the week, these aspects could all be at play Sunday night and by Monday morning, you may know exactly where you need to start fresh.

The Sun and Moon Conjunct in Aquarius is something that shocks (Aquarius) us that can help to reset our goals (Sun) and emotions (Moon) at the same time. They are both just minutes from my Midheaven (my 10th House of career cusp) so I am watching to see where things are going, for sure.


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