In the Window of the Eclipse Season…

We are within a month of the 1st of 2 Eclipses that occur in March. The New Moon in Aquarius puts us one cycle away from a Solar Eclipse that occurs at 8:53pm on March 8.

It is a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 18:56 Pisces. In the Eclipse chart, we have Mercury, Neptune, Sun/Moon, and Chiron ALL in Pisces. Pisces is the Sign where things end in order for a new cycle to begin one month later. So we are ‘ending’ (again) many energies.

You may recall last Spring, on Mar 20, when we had a Solar Eclipse at 30 degrees Pisces. It was a VERY significant ending where we wrapped up our 3D ways and have been dealing with mostly 4D as we work our way into 5D (I know, my 5D video IS coming… maybe with the Eclipse;)!

The purpose of both Neptune AND Chiron in Pisces at the same time as part of the Triple Sacred Rebirth of our Sun on Dec 21, 2012, is that we ARE putting to rest our old 3D Woundings. Why? Well, in 3D, Chiron was the pain that caused us to turn inward and return to the path of discovering Soul Awareness. As Neptune rules Pisces and is there on the heels of our Galactic upgrade, we are wrapping up MANY cycles.

But the biggie cycles were wrapped up last year so we are now in the process of further actualizing them. Every time the Sun and Mercury return to Pisces, we begin to get our conscious mind (Mercury) in sync (Sun rules realtime) with our subconscious mind (Neptune/Pisces). We get to be bathed in Pisces’ deep water as we shed our old collective unconscious ideas and, by using our Higher Mind ‘gills’ we bring to the surface some new conscious awareness of our subconscious mind.

Stepping back even further to take in all the elements of the Eclipse chart for Mar 8, we have ALL Personal Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) and Saturn in Higher Mind Signs (Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, Aquarius ruled by Uranus and Pisces ruled by Neptune). Jupiter is bringing his Higher Mind energy to Virgo and Uranus is bringing his Higher Mind energy to Aries. The only Planet that is NOT in Higher Mind energy is Pluto, but astronomers are now calling him a ‘Dwarf Planet’ anyway, right?

Pluto’s demotion does fit with his diminished role as we leave 3D and 4D. He was the greatest fear of 3D… DEATH. But as we begin to KNOW there really IS no death, his is helpful transformation.

So this supercharged (as all Eclipses are) ‘fresh start’ New Moon Eclipse is gong to be a BIG THING. You may NOT see things change physically as Pisces is a Sign of consciousness, but your internal change should be very significant.

The entire collective unconscious is being recalibrated to again help us keep our 5D awareness alignment going.

And the fact that the Eclipse occurs with Transiting Chiron was 2 degrees from the Sun and Moon means that we NEED to get over our 3D woundings and now is the time. Because if we don’t move into Soul Awareness, the next 6 months (or longer) can be rather painful. It would behoove you to watch again and again the 3D and 4D videos again until you can actually BELIEVE your Jupiter philosophy to bring you back to the Garden and connected back up to Source.

If you have a 3D relationship that you need to move away from, take heart, as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Mar 23 is designed to help you do just that. They are very efficient at doing that so just wait and let the energy do the work for you:)

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