Daily Aspects – Feb 12 – Irritating Desires?

Right after midnight on Friday there is one minor aspect between our desires (Venus) and our subconscious mind (Neptune). It is an ‘irritating’ one that can be used to put you in the right frame of mind.

At 12:09am Venus at 23:52 Capricorn Semi-Squares Neptune at 8:52 Pisces.

When these 2 met in hard aspect in 3D we might see STDs pop up as a subconscious fear made conscious around our desires. If you had Karma in another life with someone, you might have that fear still lingering in your subconscious mind as a reminder to you that you need to work through the Karmic desire that you have.

STDs, like all physical illness or disease, are really just ‘an external expression of an internal repression,’ as the Universe gave me. You don’t have to see things physically to know that someone makes you uncomfortable. You might feel queasy or get a chill up your spine.

But that was 3D and you are on your way to 5D with more and more staying power. So this aspect is simply a reminder to you that you may have something subconscious clear out of your life. If you feel a resistance to ‘merging’ or being close to someone, then you need to remind yourself that there is NO separation between you and them. They are your mirror to show you what you need to release if you find yourself ‘choking’ a bit.

You may not want to touch someone or you may feel you are not beautiful enough. In this short flash, simply remind yourself this is something in your subconscious that you can now release.

Check yourself and then TOUCH. Check yourself and then SMILE and FEEL beautiful.

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