Daily Aspects – Feb 13 – Expansive, Passionate Action?

Well, to help you prepare for the holiday known as Valentine’s Day, Mars (aka male energy counterpart) is going to be getting a bit of help.

At 5:59pm on Saturday Mars at 21:10 Scorpio Sextiles Jupiter Retrograde at 21:10 Virgo.

Mars is ready to pursue some sharing of himself with you in exchange for some of your resources. He is ready for passion. And Jupiter over there in Virgo is expanding our sense of ‘service’ to others so put these 2 together and we might see some very gallant Valentine’s Eve preparations.

So if men (or the male counterpart) get to work on a big to-do list, they might just sweep the object of their passion off their feet. It could be a woman who is pursuing a man just as easily. But this Valentine’s the men might actually be quite passionate, willing to serve, and have some expansive energy to add to that mix, if you know what I mean;)

But all of the effort might be for nought if you can’t hold your tongue a little later.

At 7:05pm Mercury at 0:05 Aquarius Semi-Squares Saturn at 15:05 Sagittarius.

Mercury has just ingressed Aquarius at the time of this meeting with Saturn. Mercury in Aquarius is unexpected expressions. Add to that some form of Saturn ‘control and restriction’ and you may put a temporary ‘stop’ to Mar’s ‘go’ energy and efforts.

As you are knocking out your to-do list, be reminding yourself of ways you love this person and that you won’t let any past situations ruin your evening. If you feel some irritation creeping in, use that as a reminder to ‘shake-up’ the downer energy (as Uranus/Aquarius would do) and lift and shift their focus, and yours, to something else.

This way, Mars’ heroism can truly save the day and still help him get la…..;) You finish it!

Now, the other energy that is building at the same time, but won’t exact until Monday evening, is Mar’s Sextile to the North Node. The North Node is about Soulful love rather than the candy and dinner version of 3D. AND Soulful sex rather than the 3D kind. So the day may well takes us far deeper into merging than we first would have expected.

In 5D, Saturn is deep, intimate bonding. The North Node reminds us of our connection to ALL and Jupiter is about seeing the big picture.

Its curious that Valentine’s Day has strayed from the Saint who is the namesake, and it falls in the month of Aquarius. Because Aquarians are ALL ABOUT UNIVERSAL LOVE.

Opposite Aquarius is the Sign of Leo, which is romantic love that is self-centered, or centered in self. Which is fine, too. But Aquarius is the Sign of compassion and detached emotion of 5D. It is not about flowers and romance and the surface look of things.

Aquarius is about deeper love of all and seeing of as part of the big whole. Which is very similar to Jupiter energy of a philosophy to manage the Big Picture.

So in ‘service’ this year, Mars may just discover that to love truly is to serve. That sex pales in comparison to the awareness of 2 Souls reuniting.

And if this is the energetic result of this weekend, well, that would be a beautiful thing, even for us SINGLES who know self-love is really the same thing as Soulful love.

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