Daily Aspects – Feb 17 – Irritation to Magic

Wednesday is a mixed bag of energies, but ends in magic.

At 4:45am Venus at 0:17 Aquarius Semi-Squares Saturn in Sagittarius.

This is Venus’ first aspect upon her ingress of Aquarius on Tuesday night. In Aquarius, we have shocking and unexpected desires and resources available to us. We can have some ‘love-at-first-sight’ and Twin Flame experiences depending on how this aspects our own charts. You might want to refer to that video on here for more insight (Soulmates and Twin Flames post).

Venus in Aquarius means we can love and touch the bizarre. Literally, our desires (Venus) change (Uranus/Aquarius). We can embrace what was once too different to consider. And we can really find beauty in groups of people and our social network. Selfies, anyone? Well, Uranus in Aries has been creating that whole craze and Uranus rules Aquarius and Venus rules beauty and self-esteem.

Sidenote: In fact, this morning I saw a post that the first facial transplant was done in March 2011…. that is EXACTLY when Uranus ingressed Aries to stay for 7 years. The Japanese Earthquake hit on the same day. But Aries rules the face and Uranus rules new and novel ideas, not to mention bizarre things. Aries rules our first impression. Having a new face attached fits those categories, don’t you think?…;)

But Venus aspecting Saturn in Sagittarius is going to hold us accountable to some way of incorporating the bizarre into our new global philosophy. Venus rules Libra, the 3D House of marriage. Here, the laws and philosophies (Sagittarius) that support the acceptance of more unusual lifestyles creates an irritation at first… especially among Seniors (which Sagittarius rules), but they can more easily begin to embrace these bizarre expressions as beautiful.

Then at 8:18am Mercury at 4:40 Aquarius Semi-Squares Chiron at 19:40 Pisces.

Here the words expressed may show a bit of old 3D angst around the bizarre desires. Mercury in Aquarius is unexpected outbursts of expression. There may be an attempt at some emotional manipulation (Chiron in Pisces) to guilt you into budging off your new acceptance of bizarre beauty or unexpected methods of acquiring resources, but it will calm down a bit as Mercury is already applying to Mars in a magical aspect.

At 11:33am Mercury at 4:51 Aquarius Quintiles Mars at 22:51 Scorpio.

Here your words could take unexpected turn as you move towards your pursuit of passion and intimacy and you are able to allow others’ their own expressions of desires as well. Mercury way express Mar’s motivation for sharing himself in exchange for resources whether through investment and business or personal passion.

Either way, this is some magical words that will set the stage for the other magical aspects coming this week as Mercury and Venus meet Uranus and Mars in magical Quintiles!!

If you are starting to feel the magic when it occurs, then you will find you are no longer reacting to the 3D energies as they appear. And as for Karma, well, you are OUT of that so let any fears that appear simply leave you as you DON’T REACT.

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