Daily Aspects – Feb 18 – Mercury Moves into 5D

When Mercury aspects our Higher Mind Planets, it is a very helpful thing for anyone still struggling with 4D. Listen, we are OUT of 3D and wrapping up 4D but this process is a yo-yo effect between pain and pleasure that is difficult to stay out of if you are not mindful.

For assistance with this, be sure to watch my videos at 5D Astrology on youtube.com. It will help you to keep things in their proper perspective.

From Wednesday morning when Mercury Semi-Squared Chiron and then Quintiled Mars, the next 3 aspects will also be from Mercury to Jupiter, Uranus and the North Node… Big stuff to help us out.

Mercury is in Aquarius, the Sign Uranus rules so from Wednesday morning until noon on Friday, Mercury will be getting some upgraded revelations.

For me, I barely slept on Tuesday night as Mercury began applying to Chiron and Mars. Because Mercury, as he applies to Quintile Uranus on Thursday is already creating a Finger of Merlin into my North Node in Virgo, with Uranus pointing the other Finger. And Mars and my North Node are pointing back at Uranus in another Finger of Merlin.

If I told you that I started these videos much the same way as I did my book… meaning I had a rough outline but the consciousness just comes through on Transits that give me what I need… this week is a BIG ONE for me AGAIN! But it is hard to sleep!

So on Thursday, at 2:28am Mercury at 5:42 Aquarius Ses-Squares Jupiter Retrograde at 20:42 Virgo.

Mercury rules Virgo and the anal energy of keeping account and staying busy that Virgo energy is well-known for. Jupiter in Virgo is helping us to rise about the mundane ‘work’ that the Baby-Boomers built their ideal world on and to find a way to work that is more Holistic and global. Mercury in Aquarius is getting some bizarre ideas popping into his head so he is ready to shake things up, including himself. If he uses the revelation to adjust his work ideas, then Mercury will find the ease side of the Ses-Square.

At 3:45am Mercury at 5:46 Aquarius Quintiles Uranus at 17:46 Aries.

Really… I’m sensing another night of non-stop revelation!  We all might want to just jump out of bed, in Aries/Mars style, and hit the road running with some new ideas on how to maintain our personal path to freedom. There is a chance there is some good philanthropic ideas in here as well… like, if I give away some of my stuff, it will be easier to travel on down the road. You could find yourself on FB all night as you discuss your revelations with some minor acquaintances. But the results will be magical! So ACT (Aries) on those crazy ideas that flash through your head… compliments of Uranus/Aquarius. We can’t CHANGE things around us without FIRST CHANGING our old ideas.

At 12:14am just after midnight on Friday, Mercury at 6:56 Aquarius Ses-Squares the North Node at 21:56 Virgo.

This is the last of a 3-way aspect that began on Wednesday when Mercury met Jupiter. Now we have a Soul-Level check coming into the equation. This will create the need for another adjustment to maintain the ease. It could help us all to loosen our ‘accounting’ around ways others ‘owe us’ for our services or other tasks we have accomplished. Make the adjustment and the ease will feel very good.

This is the last of 5 aspects that Mercury has been moving through since Wednesday morning. You should have heard some words to or from someone that expressed your new revelations.



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