Daily Aspects – Feb 19 – Motivated Magical Awareness

Men could really have their way on Friday… they may be in hot pursuit of intimacy, business deals or following their own personal path to freedom. But no matter the objective, they are sure to find it easier than they thought.

At 4:28pm on Friday, Mars at 23:50 Scorpio Quintiles Uranus at 17:50 Aries.

In old-school Astrology, they would say that Mars ‘rules’ Uranus as he is in Aries. It does sound so 3D to me. I simply merge their energies as that is essentially all that you can feel. Rulership implies some old 3D/4D thoughts that we can let go of.

But Mars is also a co-ruler of Scorpio, too, (which in 5D would mean we simply blend the energies) giving male energy the upper hand all the way around. Or simply the ability to ACT in a way that will bring some magical results.

Mars/Aries energy IS action and passion. Uranus is awakening and revelation. Scorpio is intimacy and sharing. So today we could discover some great new ways of thinking that arise from us merging (Scorpios always want to connect) with another.

Still, when the merging has been achieved, Mars will likely set off on his own path to freedom as well. He may not stick around long, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t thinking about you or the awareness he received by merging with you.

Through his time with you, he may have awakened to more of his own path to freedom. Let him (Mars can be YOU TOO, ladies) follow the path that Uranus showed him in flashes is up ahead. Once he has his new path figured out, he may double-back for you;)

Scorpio energy knows HOW to ‘let go’ and not be possessive. While they will MERGE with every ounce of their being, they also know how to make space so that you come back of your own freewill. Like an intimate 5D relating-ship.

This goes for business deals as well. Don’t be afraid of the Mars person taking charge or getting up and running the ball, they have the magical awareness to do what is best for both of you (really both ARE you) today.

Perhaps that is the magical awareness you WILL have today… both ARE you;) Mars and Venus are 2 sides of the same coin.

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