Sun Enters Pisces and Eclipse is Building

Around 1:00am on Friday morning, the Sun ingresses Pisces and begins several weeks of subconscious work for all of us.

When the Sun is ahead of Mercury and Venus, it can be hard to get our heads around what, if anything, is really happening. We are ‘seeing’ clearly, but have no other energy to move in those new directions. That is until Mercury and Venus cross over the same degrees. But these 2 are barely into Aquarius so there is some lag time in between our clarity and our thoughts and desires.

At the time of the Solar Eclipse on Mar 8, at least Mercury will be in Pisces as well so we will have more ‘sync’ between our goals and purpose and our thoughts and ideas.

The Sun in Pisces is showing us some things we need to clear up within our collective unconscious in order to prepare for the next year of activity. Things ‘end’ in Pisces or are dissolved as nothing really ends.

In 9 days, the Sun will meet up with Neptune and we will get a better look at what Neptune and Saturn have been dissolving and will continue to dissolve through this summer.

If you follow the cycle of the Zodiac Signs, you will see that what you achieved in the way of hopes, wishes and dreams (11th House of Aquarius) now gets some sort of finality as well. Some part of it is going to dissolve in order for you to continue to grow. So the ‘live happily ever after’ of the FairyTales doesn’t really hold true in reality.

But this effect is very different for each of us depending on which House we have Pisces in our Natal Chart. For instance, Pisces is my 5th House of creativity, children, entertainment and romance by Sun Sign. My 11th House Cusp is at 18+ Pisces by Rising Sign.

For the last 10 years or more, Neptune has been Transiting my House of career, public reputation and social status. Even I have been unclear about where things have been going, but I know to trust the periphery of things and the gentle subconscious nudges of Neptune. Chiron has been Transiting this same House for many years as well so it has been a big dissolving in my life. Now Chiron is going into my 11th House of Astrology by Rising Sign for sometime. I know this feeling as I have Chiron in Aquarius in my Natal chart, but there is a change to it as well.

Last year, the Solar Eclipse occurred at 30 Pisces! Wow!! What an ending to 3D ways! It was a very defining moment of upgrading our collective unconscious (Neptune/Pisces). Having both Chiron and Neptune in this Sign AT THIS TIME means we ARE dissolving our old 3D wounds as we move into 5D.

The Sun Transiting Pisces again will provide us with more insight and clarity into how and why and what is happening to achieve this. So be very mindful of anything you begin to ‘see’ through the mist of Neptune because Pisces IS ALL Neptune and the Sun is shining the fog lights onto what has been going on here for the last several years.

The Solar Eclipse in Pisces is LESS about events, and more about SEEING. For us to move more solidly into 5D, we need to see how our collective unconscious mind is morphing and how we will be drawing from a NEW well of imagination.


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