Daily Aspects – Feb 22 – Full Moon in Virgo

The intensity of this Full Moon may already be building for you even though the Moon won’t hit Virgo until Sunday night. Why? Well, because Venus has been working on new/changed (Aquarius) desires (Venus) around work/service/health (Virgo) since she Ses-Squared Jupiter and the North Node on Sunday morning.

This has put our new Soulful (North Node) philosophy (Jupiter) front and center as the Full Moon brings a climax to these areas of our lives. Yesterday I had the Venus Ses-Square hit me early because Venus is also Biquintile my North Node and creating a Finger of Merlin with Uranus who is ALSO Biquintile my North Node… in VIRGO! But it is a Boomerang FOM because the energy pours back into my South Node as well. Doesn’t help that Uranus is also Transiting my 6th House by Sun Sign so it is MORE Virgo energy to contend with in my life;)

But a Full Moon is not just about Virgo energy, as the Sun is in Pisces and we are going to be needing to get a handle on the Virgo/Pisces axis in our chart/lives.

Here is how my story went:

I work off my room at the motel, but have no fixed hours (Virgo is mutable energy), but play ‘Swing’ for spur of the moment needs. My Natal Saturn in the 8th House of shared resources compels me to BE SURE I give my hours. So I usually spend each day trying to figure out how to work around their needs first (North Node and Jupiter in Virgo).

Everything was going fairly smoothly for a month and then another major change hit (Uranus) and now it is very unclear (Pisces) what the routine (Virgo) will be moving forward again. This has been going back and forth for many of us especially since Jupiter entered Virgo in August for a year-long stay.

When I can do more hours, I have more I can do for them and this is satisfying (Natal North Node in Virgo), but when it becomes too vague (Pisces) what is going on, I have NOTHING to do, but am wanted at the times I get READY to do something myself (subconscious coming back up to show us something).

Right now these types of issues are REALLY front and center. How much does our own subconscious mind complicate the Virgo need to serve? Another simple example is this: the phone hasn’t rang all afternoon, but just try to go to the bathroom and in mid stream, well, you KNOW its probably going to ring then;) Or like you are working your butt off, but take a few minutes break and that’s when the boss comes in, right?

So, aware that this is ALL subconscious, I can manage it pretty well and surprisingly, the phone DOESN’T ring much anymore at those kinds of times. But the Uranus constant changing to my schedule AND the energy flowing back to my South Node in Pisces (vagueness around work stuff) and its something I will be addressing at this Full Moon.

The Full Moon in Virgo will be highlighting these types of issues for each of us around the subconscious connection to our daily activities and routine (Virgo). Its going to show you a contrast (Opposition) that will help you to refine any goals you set at the New Moon or, more likely, in preparation for the New Moon to come in Pisces as it is the same energy.

And so it is all day on Sunday that you will be preparing yourself subconsciously for something you need to see and get clear about at the Full Moon at 1:20pm on Monday afternoon. You may even go into work on Monday with your new work philosophy in mind and ready to be addressed.

And to further help you out with this, at 10:42am Venus at 6:46 Aquarius Ses-Squares the North Node in Virgo.

This 3-way aspect between Venus and Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo has been at play all weekend and is now wrapping up as the Moon becomes FULL. Venus is CHANGING our desires as she Transits Aquarius. The North Node is bringing in a Soulful perspective around our new work philosophy (Jupiter in Virgo). Venus may be applying her own resources to something that needs doing in a way that she hasn’t before. Or she may have an unexpected acquisition that supports her in creating more ease around her new work philosophy.  Hopefully you already KNOW your storyline around your work/service/duty issue.

At 1:20 pm the Moon at 3:34 Virgo Opposes the Sun at 3:34 Pisces.

The emotion peaks so that we can SEE something in the contrast between our emotions around service and our subconscious goals.

Then at 6:19pm Venus at 7:10 Aquarius Quintiles Mars at 25:10 Scorpio

Now male and female energies will magically align around sharing of resources and intimacy. And any bizarre new desires will be magically embraced. Or perhaps someone will actually accept some Soul Awareness around the person they are attracted to and  pursue their passions with that awareness.

From Saturday to Monday, Venus has aspected some heavy-hitters: Chiron and the North Node (2 Soul-level points) and Jupiter and Uranus (2 Higher Minds) and now her counterpart, Mars. Our desires may not be recognizable to us from just a week ago.

Hopefully, there is some new change here around resources of all kinds as Venus rules our PERSONAL resources, Mars and Scorpio rule OTHER PEOPLES’s resources and Uranus rules EQUALITY for all and the current that giving without thought of return (philanthropy) can provide abundantly.


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