Daily Aspects – Feb 23 – Super Soulful Day

The major aspect on Tuesday has been building for some time, but it exacts on Tuesday afternoon and you should get a sense of what it is trying to show you.

At 3:00pm Jupiter Retrograde at 20:03 Virgo Opposite Chiron at 20:03 Pisces.

There is MORE to this aspect than meets the eye. You see, the North Node is only at 21:45 Virgo and in orb to be considered. This puts Chiron Conjunct the Transiting South Node! So the Soulful nature of this aspect is big (Jupiter) and deep (Pisces).

Jupiter is a Healing Planet and in aspect to Chiron works out all the kinks that might occur and actually applies some soulful good fortune to the situation. The South Node shows us what we are learning to ‘release’ as we focus on the lessons of the North Node in Virgo.

To sum it up, we are releasing 3D woundings as we seek Soulful service to others from a global perspective. Virgo is also DUTY to others. Jupiter rules foreigners and foreign places. For anyone who is resisting us accepting ‘refugees,’ the Planets are tending to show that you might just lose this battle. I am a-political, but if you look at what is going on with the Planets, you can easily hear the mantras of the political players aligning with ‘old’ and ‘new’ ideas.

The best philosophy of service (remember, this is Jupiter’s mission as he Transits Virgo), is to see the big cosmological picture… and Soul Awareness (Chiron aspecting the Nodes of Fate), and BE INCLUSIVE rather than exclusive in the ways that you serve.

By ‘serving’ and externalizing the Soulful lesson here, we will be HEALING our collective unconscious wounds as we do so.

Old 3D subconscious fears have no place in the new energies of today. It is time for a FRESH, Soulful, big picture perspective as we move into greater Soul Awareness and 5D.

You don’t need any politician to represent this new idea… YOU simply need to LIVE IT and it WILL BE.

At 11:27pm Mercury at 14:00 Aquarius Biquintiles Jupiter Retrograde at 20:00 Virgo.

Just prior to this exact double-magic aspect, the Moon will slip into a Biquintile with Mercury as he Conjuncts Jupiter in Virgo. So we have some VERY EXPANSIVE feelings (Jupiter and Moon Conjunct) around the fresh new ideas we are birthing and Mercury is set to express these new ideas rather unexpectedly. You can expect some magical outburst that take your breath away due to the depth of this Healing and expressions of Soulful service.

Mercury will continue to Biquintile the North Node early Thursday morning, so the expressions over the next few days will be very memorable and in line with our deepest Soul Awareness!!

These are the days that we will recall as pivotal as our ability to view things in a brand new light just hits us in flashes of revelation and inspiration!!!!

It could well be tied to the CHANGED DESIRES that Venus and Uranus cooked up on Sunday… we are well on our way to REALIZING the 5D space we really ARE in:)

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