Daily Aspects – Feb 27 – Unexpected, Magical Beauty

Saturday is about adjustment that will lead to expansive, magical desires. And its kind of a 3-some so now we know where your desires are taking you… hehe. Mercury and Venus are just 6 degrees apart in Aquarius and both connecting to Jupiter Retrograde in Virgo. Good stuff.

At 3:56pm Mercury at 19:32 Aquarius Quincunx Jupiter Retrograde at 19:32 Virgo.

Here Mercury is adjusting now to what the magic showed him. What is your new work/service/duty philosophy? Is it too big, too hopeful? Do you need to ground a bit more to what YOU can effectively do about it? How do you make plans to implement a global perspective of your new philosophy when all you have to work with is you and your ‘hood or FB friends?

Now is when you can get a bit more real about how to do just that. Aquarius allows for Uranian revelation to come through, so though it is an ‘adjustment’ you know it will be the RIGHT one to make. It will be YOU doing YOUR part to fit into the big picture AND into the universal plan as well. If we each follow our own Higher Mind Planets, we will see we have a new heaven (soul awareness) and new earth (product of our consciousness) in no time.

This aspect is definitely one a Merlin can work with and use to advantage;)

At 9:34pm Venus at 13:31 Aquarius Biquintiles Jupiter Retrograde at 19:31 Virgo.

But this aspect will really help Merlins to get in the desired perspective to make magic with the new work/service/duty philosophy. Venus in Aquarius can bring in some unexpected resources, some unexpected social network support, some unexpected beauty and luxury ideas to make your ‘service’ even more joyful (Jupiter).

This is a ‘let’s make Florence Nightingale iconic’ for beautiful service. Or a Mother Theresa  who has the ‘healing touch’ traveling the world to share her new philosophy with others. It can be some pretty crazy new ways that we can make ‘doing’ a more attractive venture.

For you, it could just be quick healing. Or being surprised at how good you actually LOOK in a hospital gown or scrubs, if you know what I mean? Or finding your sweetie workout to be desirable to your social network when you post your after-workout selfie.

This is also philanthropy that supports the new work/service/duty philosophy. It reminds me a post I shared to my timeline that shows military vets (Virgo rules military service) who lost limbs in surprisingly striking nude photos (with their privates covered creatively). This photographer, Michael Stokes, must have his Midheaven in Aquarius, as I do at 18:47 Aquarius, where Mercury met Uranus on Friday. But his work was so dignified of their struggle and how they owned their ‘loss’ and made it their coolest asset. Their bodies were ripped (like Jupiter in Virgo would like) and showed they could overcome (Aquarius) any shortcoming with more than grace, but with absolute beauty.

So if you can take someone’s health issues, or their shocking appearance and turn it into a work of beauty, you have this aspect summed up. And it IS about work/service/duty so show those who are servers (Virgo) and those who are philanthropic (Aquarius) in the best light that you can (Jupiter and Uranus energies combined).


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