Daily Aspects – Feb 28 – The Fog Gets Lifted

The Sun Conjuncts Neptune allowing us to see what has been vague or indiscernible for the most part. It is a great day for clarity around your subconscious mind.

But before that, Mercury meets Chiron.

At 3:58am Mercury at 20:19 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 20:19 Pisces.

There may be some words here that offer some Soul (Chiron) Awareness (Aquarius/Uranus energy) to you. Though it is not magical, Uranus and Chiron are the 2 instigators of Soul Awareness so you may get a glimpse of something to come. This is unexpected expression and coming so early/late in the morning, you might well be very surprised, but the thoughts and words will carry a deeper (Pisces), more soulful (Chiron) message than Mercury is capable of on his own.

At 10:47am the Sun at 9:29 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 9:29 Pisces.

It could well be a restless night as clarity comes in while Mercury is aspecting Chiron. Here the Sun shows us what Neptune has been dissolving in your life depending on where you have 9 Pisces in your chart and the aspects that degree makes to your Natal Planets.

For example, this degree is in my 10th House of career which Neptune has been dissolving for several years. While I can follow his nudges regularly and know how to draw from my subconscious mind, when the Sun aspects him, we can get a glimpse of what HAS dissolving and see what the purpose (Sun) of it was. It is a deeply clarifying energy that we need to have from time to time to keep us on track as Neptune quietly goes about his form of destruction that is harder to detect than Pluto’s.

When Neptune dissolves things we can actually sense it happening if we pay attention. Still, we get caught up with other things so the Sun brings our attention to what has left and is leaving our lives. And the Sun helps us to the see the usefulness of what is going on so we can set goals that align with the changes this dissolving brings with it.

However, Neptune has been working on us internally the entire time he has been dissolving things, so the Sun actually shows us how we have worked with the dissolving, too.

And in the background of this day, Mercury and Venus are moving through their 3-way aspects to Jupiter, which they made on Saturday, and onto the North Node, which they will make on Monday. The Higher Mind energy available over this weekend is quite profound with 3 Personal Planets in Aquarius and Pisces (ruled by 2 Higher Mind Planets: Uranus and Neptune respectively) and aspecting 2 Soulful Points (Chiron and the North Node) as well as the 3rd Higher Mind Planet, Jupiter.

If you don’t get some Soul Awareness out of this weekend, go back to bed and see if the Sun won’t shine the light through Neptune’s fog for you in the form of a dream.



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