Mar 4 – Magical Expression

We are just 4 DAYS from the Solar Eclipse which occurs at 8:56pm on Mar 8!! Get ready for the ‘Rapid Change’ all Eclipse cycles bring. Do you KNOW where the Eclipse will be bringing a ‘fresh start’ in YOUR life? A simple Reading or Report would show that and I do this by donation only.

But the lead-up to the Eclipse is quite intense. Over the next 4 days, we have 12 aspects taking us into the Eclipse Wormhole where the ‘rapid change’ begins. There is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 15 days later, on Mar 23, that will shut down something in your life so the ‘fresh start’ will have room to grow.

At 12:36am on Friday morning Mercury at 28:02 Aquarius Quintiles Saturn at 16:02 Sagittarius.

Here some unexpected (Aquarius) expression (Mercury) will create a magical (Quintile), optimistic feeling (Sagittarius). It could be someone in your social network (Aquarius) or a foreigner or someone at a long-distance (Sagittarius) that expresses (Mercury) something you have been wishing (Aquarius). This person could be an authority (Saturn) or their expression could initiate some structures (Saturn) in your life that will magically seem to fall into place.

At 4:00pm Venus at 20:39 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 20:39 Pisces.

This is a minor, but helpful aspect that suggests you could have some healing touch around anything that has felt wounding lately. You can also have some Soul Awareness around a relating-ship that changes your desires about something or someone.

At this stage, we should be able to feel what is getting ready to break loose at Eclipse time. So see if you can tell what is falling into place for your super-charged ‘fresh start.’

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