Mar 6 – Adjustment and Clarity

Sunday puts us just 2 days from the first Eclipse. Yesterday, both Mercury and Mars changed Signs so there was a significant amount of energy shift going on. We are now more philosophically motivated (Mars in Sagittarius) and speaking from a much deeper place (Mercury in Pisces).

There are 4 aspects on Sunday. It will be a whirlwind of energies.

At 1:03am the Sun at 16:06 Pisces Squares Saturn at 16:06 Sagittarius.

This is some ‘growth’ clarity that you need to be accountable to. The Sun is bringing us subconscious clarity and in a ‘growth’ aspect to Saturn which is accountability. Saturn in Sagittarius means accountability to global perspectives, higher consciousness and inclusive philosophies. Hmm… if that isn’t all a mouthful… well, you will SEE it much easier than I can explain;)

At 6:45am Jupiter Retrograde at 18:34 Virgo Quincunx Uranus at 18:34 Aries.

This has been building earnestly for about a week now. This 2 Higher Minds making an adjustment for us around our new work/service/duty philosophy and our personal path to freedom. How do you actually ‘serve’ the big picture needs (Jupiter in Virgo) while also freeing yourself to follow your own awareness? Well, don’t ask me… we should ALL be getting this answer here shortly;)

This is the 2nd pass of this aspect. The 1st pass occurred on Nov 5th so you may see what was going on then and see how your have revised some of your philosophy and found more personal freedom as well.

At 10:42am Mercury at 2:02 Pisces Semi-Squares Pluto at 17:02 Capricorn.

An irritating expression that just seems to pop out and create a power play you now have to deal with. OR you could see it coming and prepare to mediate any outburst. Mercury is now in Pisces merging our conscious mind with our subconscious mind. So there is no filter at the moment and that is a very helpful thing. Though it may not initially feel so helpful when in an irritating aspect to Pluto. Remember, that right now you will be manifesting some fears that you have remaining in order to release them before the next annual cycle of energy begins as the Personal Planets ingress Aries. Dive down deep over the next few weeks so you can purge yourself of any ‘old’ and prepare to make way for the new.

At 11:41pm the Sun at 17:03 Pisces Sextiles Pluto at 17:03 Capricorn.

At last, some easier clarity to help us manage any irritation creating by Mercury earlier. AND to show us how to use our new global perspective with any authority-types in your life.

A few hours later, at 3:06am on Monday morning, Mars makes some magic with Jupiter which will bring us some ease to any tensions over the weekend as we move towards the Eclipse Wormhole and the rapid change.

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