Mar 7 – Magical Awareness before Eclipse

Monday and Tuesday we have some great aspects that will assist us in preparing for the Eclipse Wormhole of Rapid Change! Hold onto your hats because the ride is going to speed up;) And it will be about the subconscious connection to our work/service/duty/fitness/busy-ness of our lives.

At 3:06am on Monday Mars at 0:27 Sagittarius Quintiles Jupiter Retrograde at 18:27 Virgo.

Here our new motivations for higher consciousness get a magical dose of seeing the big picture of how our work/service/duty to others helps us to achieve higher consciousness. Jupiter rules Mars in Sagittarius so Mars is now operating from a Higher Mind perspective and acting a bit like a Merlin of his reality. Men and male energy will be bringing on the magic that make our ‘work’ feel so light, but significant as well.

At 9:19am the Sun at 17:03 Pisces Sextiles Pluto at 17:03 Capricorn.

If you’re a 20-something, you should be feeling the build of Pluto’s Conjunction to your Natal Uranus and Neptune and this aspect will allow for some clarity from the Sun showing you how you want your new reality to look.

For the rest of us, the Sun’s clarity will help us sort out what to do with any authority figure who may be over-stepping their power and authority. Or you could see how YOU are over-stepping your authority towards someone else.

The Sun is now just one day and one degree from the position of the Eclipse on Tuesday night. So we are starting to get quite clear about what our super-charged ‘fresh start’ might be. By Monday evening, the Moon will ingress Pisces and the real energy of the Eclipse will begin to be felt intuitively as well.

Priot to the Eclipse, on Tuesday morning and early afternoon, the Sun will meet with both Jupiter and Uranus (the Moon will, too, very near the Eclipse), allowing us to merge ALL 3 Higher Mind energies into the ‘fresh start’ of the Elcipse as the Sun is in the Sign that Neptune rules.

This is going to be a BIG Eclipse for getting clear about subconscious things and for setting new goals that will allow for us to implement our new work/service/duty philosophy while pursuing our path to freedom!


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