Mar 8 – Critical Mass and the Solar Eclipse

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On Tuesday, at the Eclipse, we will enter a 4-week Eclipse Wormhole of Rapid Change. However, the change may largely be internal until the Full Moon on the Libra/Aries axis on Mar 23 or the New Moon in Aries on Apr 7. We also enter a 6-month Eclipse window of implementing our new spiritual plan that we are ‘seeing’ with the Sun in Pisces. AND we enter into the Vast, Transformational Change of the Era of the Transformers… we are AT Critical Mass!

This Solar Eclipse marks a major tipping point for all of us. Like the ‘I’m a little teapot’ song, you are emptying your old contents to make room for a renewal of your subconscious energies in order to ‘birth’ the new reality for YOU and for ALL OF US.

As I write this post on Monday morning, the Moon has now ingressed Pisces giving us an intuitive sense of the Eclipse’s energies to create us anew from the inside (Pisces) out (Aries).

All Eclipses bring Rapid Change, but an Eclipse in Pisces is a more hidden/unseen change. It takes place deep within you so that you can then begin to manifest what you are sensing as we move forward. This Eclipse activates the Pisces/Virgo axis of the Zodiac Wheel. This means that we are sensing the connection between our subconscious mind (Pisces) and what we see in our world that keeps us ‘busy’ (Virgo).

With the Sun and Moon together in Pisces, our emotions are aligned with our reality and purpose and we are able to feel the new ‘goals’ we are setting for the next 6 months. Many will find new jobs. Some will join the military service. Others will just set about doing their work in renewed ways. Some will get on the fitness bandwagon and find the motivation to stick with it. Some will get new roommates, co-workers or bosses. But we will ALL have a sense that this is a better match for us and that we have corrected something inside us that allows for an improved situation.

If you get the job, you will give notice and on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse you will be moving on. Something ends with a Lunar Eclipse making room for the super-charged fresh start of the Solar Eclipse.

But the next 6 months will see us achieving the real fresh start that we are internalizing now within our subconscious mind.

Last Spring we had the same type of Eclipse cycle… a Solar Eclipse at 29:27 Pisces, followed by a  Lunar Eclipse at 14:24 Libra.

Here is how that cycle played out for me:

With the Solar Eclipse, I found myself (Pisces) looking for a ‘job’ (Virgo) in order to pay for a new website for my Astrology. The Eclipse landed in my 11th House by Rising Sign which rules Astrology. Just prior to the Fall Eclipses, I quit a job with enough money to pay for my new website and set to work on it.

The Eclipse of Sep 13, at 14:20 Virgo (in my 11th House by Sun Sign) had me working my fingers to the bone getting my website, Facebook page and lastly my YouTube channel all built before this new Eclipse RIGHT ON THE CUSP (strongest point) of my 11th House by Rising Sign. And the local newspaper Editor wants to read a feature story around my Astrology over the next 2 weeks…

So another Eclipse in the same House will only continue to build on the energies from last year with each cycle being a bit different. From now to September we will take steps that are leading us towards the work ahead in the Fall. Oh, you will be working, that is for sure, especially with Jupiter still in Virgo until August. But you may be moving towards something yet to materialize as the REAL work in the Fall. Like training, or something that starts you on the path you really want in Sep.

And leading up to the Eclipse on Tuesday, we have 2 of the most helpful aspects to show us what we can expect from this Eclipse. The Sun will meet 2 Higher Mind Planets (creating a 3-way aspect that continues Jupiter’s Quincunx (adjustment aspect to Uranus that exacted on Sunday) on the VERY SAME degree as the Eclipse putting these aspects in play for the ENTIRE next 6-month window:

At 5:57am on Tuesday morning the Sun at 18:18 Pisces Opposes Jupiter Retrograde at 18:18 Virgo.

What this means is as you are guided to your path via subtle nudges of your subconscious, you will have clarity (Sun) around how this path  contrasts (Opposition) the new work/service/duty (Virgo) philosophy (Jupiter) you have been creating and revising. This contrast prepares us for the adjustment aspect between the Sun and Jupiter on Apr 4. We don’t have to do anything about it right now, but SEE where these 2 directions are different and keep that in perspective for now.

At 2:58pm the Sun at 18:41 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 18:41 Aries.

Here we have clarity (Sun) around how this Eclipse will help us MAKE the adjustment that will tie our work/service/duty philosophy to our personal path to freedom (Uranus in Aries). It can all work together and these next 6 months we are going to see just how that is possible.

This 3-way aspect ties the energies of ALL THREE HIGHER MIND PLANETS together! Neptune rules Pisces so his energy is combined with Jupiter and Neptune. AND our 2 strongest Soul-Level points, Chiron and the North Node are both along this same axis as the Eclipse: Chiron in Pisces, North Node in Virgo. So the NEW PATH to a NEW REALITY will be fully internalized over the next 6 months as we externalize it for 6 months AFTER the Sep 1 Solar Eclipse.

Then, at 8:55pm the Moon at 18:56 Pisces Conjuncts the Sun at 18:56 Pisces in a Solar Eclipse!!

Here we have the FRESH START that will kick all of these big changes into place. Prepare to enter a wormhole of rapid change that will move us all around into our new positions that will bring us the reality of our new workplace over the next 6 months.

AND this ALL occurs as Pluto is bringing us to the CRITICAL MASS stage of the Vast, Transformational Change! So prepare for a thrilling, exhilarating ride ahead!! Follow your Higher Minds and your Soul points and you will find that we ALL will arrive at a new heaven and new earth very soon (aka 5D).






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