Mar 10 – Magical, Clarifying Soul Awareness

Well, by now you may have some clarity around what your super-charged (Eclipse) ‘fresh start’ (New Moon Eclipse) will be. Things are usually hard to ‘define’ when the Planets are in Pisces. As I have long said anyway, ‘To define is to CONFINE.’ So don’t even try because ‘defining’ is a Mercury energy (lower, vanity) mind and following Neptune’s gaseous or deep water nature its really energy that is impossible to confine, hold onto or anything else. Neptune/Pisces are elusive energies. They are shadows of ideas and vague sense of something that is yet unformed.

So if you are allowing this energy its free reign on Wednesday and Thursday morning through afternoon, that is because you are allowing this pregnant silence, or Planetary pause, to have its full effect. Neptune is ballooning something (like a mirage) for you so you can pop it with the clarity of the Sun resolving any fear and showing you some new reality you wish to create.

Thursday starts with a bit of magic, but then the Sun Conjuncts Chiron giving us Soul Awareness and clarity around the purpose of this Eclipse.

At 7:06pm Venus at 28:14 Aquarius Quintiles Saturn at 16:14 Sagittarius.

Both Planets are in Higher Mind Signs giving his aspect loads of Merlin potential. Venus can feel magical most anytime she is favorably aspected anyway. She rules beauty and available resources and is a Healing Planet. Saturn, however, does not typically share the same glowing reputation. Saturn has always been concerned about reputation, but in 3D, usually very judgmental and controlling. In 4D, Saturn plays a key role in bringing us our Soulmates and Karmic partners so we can work to resolve the Karma. But in 5D, Saturn is deep, intimate bonding. Which seems so contrary to his old roles. Saturn is accountability and response-ability to his energies. Toe the line and you will come through with flying colors. Saturn in Sagittarius is accountability to our 4D philosophy so we can spring into 5D with this CONFIDENCE and optimism (see the 4D video for this explanation).

In 4D, Saturn AND Jupiter play supporting roles to Neptune to help us through resolving the Karma our 3D minds created.

So putting all of this together now, with a magical aspect between sensual touch (Venus), deep intimate bonding (Saturn) and a new philosophy (Sagittarius) and universe-all idea (Aquarius), we have an excellent aspect for achieving Saturn’s 5D vibration as we are moving from 4D. The magic is going to make this soooo easy to achieve.

This aspect may, or may not, have something to do with the Eclipse storyline, but it will certainly go a long way towards helping us with our ‘fresh start’.

At 11:27pm the Sun at 21:02 Pisces Conjuncts Chiron at 21:02 Pisces.

Here we will have clarity around the role Chiron is playing as part of the Eclipse on Tuesday night. It is imperative that we SEE (Sun) how we can HEAL our 3D/4D Soul-Level woundings (Chiron in Pisces). For if we don’t see it, we will continue to be wounded.

But Chiron’s Transit through Pisces, with Neptune there as well, is ENDING (Neptune/Pisces) our 3D and 4D (Chiron’s pain) reality (Sun). Look for the clarity you need to SEE in order to shift into this Soul Awareness (Chiron in 5D).

Let the healing soak into your soul and wash away any old pain. Over the next 6 months, this Soul Awareness will be your NEW REALITY!!

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