Mars vs. Venus… the Weekend’s Internal Battle

For the entire weekend the heavens are quiet! And the bookends for the weekend are first Mars Semi-Square Pluto (on Friday night) and then Venus Semi-Square Pluto (just after midnight on Monday) from the other direction the Zodiac Wheel. This means on Monday, Venus will then exact a Square to Mars at 4:48pm. This is a 3-way aspect that is the only action all weekend.

In 3D, this aspect is stress between the ‘sexes,’ but in 5D we know this is just stress between our motivations and drive (Mars/male energy) and our beauty and resources (Venus/female energy).

In other words, the challenge is INTERNAL and not external anymore. We don’t NEED an ‘other’ to play out Karmic energies against. We can take the battle (no need to battle) inward and grow from it. We ALL have Mars (male) and Venus (female) energies SOMEWHERE in our charts. Its interesting that the Zodiac Wheel doesn’t tell you if its a ‘male’ or a ‘female’ by the Stars and Planets! That would be determined by the ‘story of your Soul’ as tied to your Chiron.

If you are Aquarius Rising, or you have Natal Uranus in your 1st House, you might ‘change’ your physical appearance (1st House… cross-dresser) on key aspects. OR you might change your sexual gender with Uranus in your 8th House when aspected in a very significant way.

A weeks ago, a WordPress blogger wrote about how women are still treated as less than men… some sort of version of this age-old, 3D story. I left a comment that stated how Mars is initiating energy that acts without thinking and Venus is beauty and fixed earth that isn’t as fiery at all. Mars IS the first energy. He DOES come first. This isn’t going to change much because EACH of us relies on Mars’ initiating energy in the area of our lives where we have ‘male’ type energies in our charts. Thank the Universe for YOUR Mars!

AND each of us has Venus somewhere in our chart and she shows our type of beauty and available resources and the way we earn a living.

But MAKE NO MISTAKE! Mars is going to be FIRST… THAT is his ENERGY!

How you use your OWN Mars and Venus energy is UP TO YOU! Yes, Aries/Mars energies will always jump in first. And Venus is where you will sit back and attract resources from your own beauty. But women can USE their Mars to gain whatever they need. Its just that if we are gender-focused, we have learned ways to ‘repress’ our Mars if we are ‘woman.’ Repression of energies IS 3D. In 5D, we will all be more Zena, Warrior Princess like. We will ALL have balanced male and female energies and not be threatened by the external package of which is which.

My Natal chart actually offers an interesting perspective of male/female, Mars/Venus energies. My Natal Mars is in the Sign of the ‘mother’ (Cancer), or more accurately ‘nurturing’ energy in the home. My Natal Venus is in the Sign of the ‘father’ (Capricorn), or more accurately initiating structures in the outer world. If you know me, you know that I am quite balanced in my sexual energies. I am a former Army Officer and I wrote books for children.

Balance is the KEY. You won’t find balance in your outer world if you don’t have it in your inner consciousness. With my Venus and Mars just barely in orb of an Opposition, I have worked to balance these energies and very successfully. As an Army Officer, my troops noticed I could do what they could physically (Mars) and I had authority (Capricorn). But I also had enough of a caring side to sense what they needed emotionally (Cancer) to perform their best. To ask about their families and home life so they didn’t have to bring those worries to work.

In 5D, you will no longer look at the physical bodies and make assumptions, you will no longer be so attracted to an outer package that you lose your sense of depth. You will look to see what has created the physical manifestation before you and wait to shift it into a more conscious state within yourself.

And on that note, the weekend will wrap up with some new illumination around your passion (Mars), desires (Venus) and the sexual intensity (Pluto) you have around them.

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