Mar 15 – Words and Desires Meet the Big Boys

We are in the ‘musical chairs’ portion of the year in the midst of the Eclipse’s Rapid Change. If you don’t like what you see in your physical (conscious/seen) world, then this is the month to change the panoramic view in front of you.

In 5D, Mercury is merely the ‘lens’ to our seen world. In the Sign of Pisces, we can IMAGINE (Neptune/Pisces energy) a DIFFERENT REALITY that the Sun can show us once the Sun ingresses Aries. To do that, you have to BELIEVE that you CAN. But belief is no good if the Planetary energies don’t allow the manifestation. But that is EXACTLY what this line-up allows! So give it a try. Imagine NOW what you want your next annual cycle to look like. And go for it!

There are 3 aspects on Tuesday. Mercury makes 2 and Venus makes 1. Both are meeting Outer Planets so the effects are transpersonal or generational. ALL are coming from our subconscious (collective unconscious) mind as Mercury and Venus are now both in Pisces, along with the Sun, Neptune and Chiron.

The first 2 aspects are really a 3-way as Jupiter is in orb of his Trine to Pluto at the moment. Mercury is going to express what their Trine means for us in the creation of our new reality.

At 2:58am Mercury at 17:12 Pisces Sextiles Pluto at 17:12 Capricorn.

Here our words and ideas (Mercury) will work productively (Sextile) with any authority-types (Capricorn) to help us initiate some structures (Capricorn) for our new reality (Pisces). Pluto can add in some resources for us to use as we ‘build’ this new reality. Pluto may ask for a little something in return such as intimacy that is honesty, transparency or physical contact. Mercury is nearing the degree of the Eclipse so we are starting to see some mental ideas that align with the Eclipse’s fresh start.

At 5:42am Mercury at 17:24 Pisces Opposes Jupiter Retrograde at 17:24 Virgo.

Mercury in Pisces is voicing some new ideas that need to be looked at in the contrast to Jupiter’s new philosophy of work/service/duty. Right now Pluto is buying into Jupiter’s ideas so your request for financial backing and structural support is going to need to jive with this new philosophy and be global in nature. In other words, whatever reality you are imagining, you will only get public (or father-like) support if you are thinking global about the way you serve others. But likely Mercury and Jupiter are more on the same page than not as Virgo is where we EXTERNALIZE our INTERNAL imagination (Pisces). So this expression is likely to simply SHOW YOU what you are imagining and how it is manifesting itself.

And it is highly likely that both of these aspects will occur while you are sleeping/dreaming. You may simply wake up KNOWING what you need to do to move your imaginings forward into reality near in the next week or two.

At 12:48pm Venus at 4:03 Pisces Semi-Squares Uranus at 19:03 Aries.

Here we are going to have a subconscious desire to break free. We may play a bit of hookie from work or escape into daydream where we are imaging where we would escape to. Or we may have a rendezvous with someone who we didn’t expect we were attached to them and it can happen all so quickly that it seems impossible to stop. Is this the new desire you want to bring into your physical world in a few weeks for the next year and beyond? See what crazy ideas strike you from the very depth of your awareness and what you subconsciously act on. This aspect can still bring action as Uranus is in Aries and we will have an awareness to act in bizarre, shocking ways that seem surreal and outside of ourselves (Pisces). Venus + Uranus = Desires Begin Change.

While the day may hold few major events, your expressions and desires are BIG. Your personal thoughts and desires are aligning with the all the Higher Mind energies today so get in there and work on a 5D reality that you want to play with up ahead.


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