Mar 16 – Jupiter Retro Trine Pluto

Yesterday I got a message from a mom about her son who is born in Feb 1992. That puts Transiting Pluto Conjunct his Natal Uranus and Neptune RIGHT NOW… AND Jupiter is Trine to them ALL! Not to mention that Saturn, Uranus just 1 and 2 degrees out of orb of them both. Jupiter will Square Saturn at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. So there are HUGE events going within the Eclipse Wormhole.

It can be tough to comprehend the enormity of it all. Everything is being elevated (Jupiter) to be inclusive (Saturn in Sagittarius), global (Jupiter/Sagittarius) and universe-all (Uranus). And Pluto should be providing the structures (Capricorn) and the capital (Pluto/Scorpio energy).

For the 20-somethings begin hit right now with Pluto Conjunct their 2 Higher Minds in Capricorn, they now have the 3rd Higher Mind Planet pouring into their already over-active mental minds. The Trine with Jupiter and Pluto will allow them to move from any 3D place to a 5D space with ease. Their Uranus Conjunct Neptune is a hard aspect to manage, so Jupiter can alleviate some of it. Though it may make things too big to even get their heads around right now. So what they need to do is simply trust and let the Higher Minds have their way with them. They WILL NOT get out of this aspect in 3D!! They WILL be moved into 5D awareness of what our new reality should be.

With so many Personal Planets in Pisces right now, we ARE birthing our new reality to be acted on and pursued as the Sun, Mercury and Venus ingress Aries over the next month. The Sun is ALMOST THERE now! In fact, the Sun will ingress Aries on Sunday.

But Jupiter Trine Pluto is elevating the way we ‘work/serve’ (Virgo) and they way we work/serve our ‘government’ and public structures and authority (Capricorn).

For the 20-somethings getting hit by Pluto right now, to their Natal Uranus Conjunct Neptune, their ‘X-Men aspect’ (Pluto Conjunct Uranus) could be greatly expanded. They could EASILY arrive at shocking new ideas that FREE us from so much government/corporate control and move us into a public structure that SERVES!! Remember the old ‘peace officers’ is what policemen used to be called?

But Wednesday starts out at 3:22am when Mercury at 19:05 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Uranus in Aries.

Here our dreams are likely to be revelatory and cause us to want to free ourselves from some situation. We will have shocking ideas come to us that will allow us to move into a new direction without being fully aware of what that might be. Mercury just Sextiled Pluto on Tuesday and now he is moving to meet the other side of the now separating Uranus Squares to Pluto. From Pisces, this means Mercury is getting a new look at the ‘drastic change’ these 2 Titans brought us through since 2012 and where they have yet to let us land.

At 4:06pm Jupiter Retrograde at 17:13 Virgo Trine Pluto at 17:13 Capricorn.

Wow! This is a big help in getting us ALL onto the Vast, Transformational Change these 20-somethings have us their sleeves (or in their collective unconscious/Neptune). We can begin to see the kind of perspective we need to hold in order to get our public structures into more meaningful levels of service that truly SERVES and doesn’t just work itself to death. If we want to be OVER the slavery to the ‘system,’ this aspect can give us the wisdom (Jupiter) to get there! It will certainly help those young adults who will be taking up the charge over the next 2 years.

You should be able to see how your new work/service/duty philosophy (Jupiter) should help us to reshape (Pluto) our public structures (Capricorn) to work hand-in-hand to create a better system and lifestyle (Virgo).

Jupiter is global-minded and Pluto is transforming public and governmental boundaries.

We still have Saturn and Neptune in Square this year dissolving our boundaries and laws with foreigners. As these early 20-somethings would likely tell you, ‘Global citizenship is the only fair and just thing.’ So where does that leave the ‘Trump-backers’ who are holding onto the Baby-Boomer’s American Dream?

I’d say follow the Planetary energies and embrace the new;)

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