Mar 17 – Soulful, Magical Actions and Words

Thursday is very Soulful with a splash of magic with a twist of perspective and a slightly painful chaser. We actually have a 4-way aspect that involves a new aspect I have written about yet, though I follow them in my own chart.

At 5:27 am on Thursday, Mars at 3:47 Sagittarius Quintiles the North Node at 21:47 Virgo.

This is the magical aspect that should allow you to take global (Sagittarius) action (Mars) that magically aligns with your  revised work/service/duty (Virgo) philosophy in a Soulful (North Node) way. If you find that you want to further your sense of humanity to the global arena, this would be a perfect aspect for this perspective. You may act courageously on behalf of someone who is a ‘underdog’ and elevate them and your new philosophy without even thinking about it. Or you could meet a foreign (Sagittarius) man who wants to serve (Virgo) you via work or volunteering and his approach matches your new philosophy as well. Or a mentor may appear to point out how well you are doing in developing your new way of serving others.

At 9:29am Mercury at 21:25 Pisces Conjunct Chiron at 21:25 Pisces.

Mercury Conjunct Chiron could possibly bring up some pain again, but you can easily shift into your new 5D reality and put this old pain in its place. If you can remember your Soul, there is no more need for any pain to creep in. So make a mental note to remind yourself of this today. Rather look for the Soulful expression that you have or hear today and see how it is aligning with the new reality you are creating in 5D.

At 2:10pm Mercury at 21:47 Pisces Opposite North Node at 21:47 Virgo.

This aspect shows that BOTH Mercury and Chiron are Conjunct the South Node all day. Chiron has been staying here for a few weeks helping us to ‘let go’ of our old 3D Soul-Level pain that was the breadcrumbs back to Soul Awareness. So any painful words you hear or speak can be easily released in this energy and you may find yourself just getting busy DOING things for other people as a natural expression of what is going on subconsciously. You may find yourself expressing how you have grown past your wounding and various other ways things are shifting inside you as you become aware of your Soul.

So at 3:55pm Mercury at 21:56 Pisces TriDeciles Mars at 3:56 Sagittarius.

This is an aspect I haven’t written about yet. It is actually a measurement between the Quintile and Biquintile and is arrived at by dividing the Zodiac Wheel into 10 equal parts of 36 degrees each, a Decile. When you have 3/10 of the Zodiac Wheel you have a TriDecile that falls between the 72 and 144 degrees of the 5D, magical aspects. A TriDecile brings mental growth and unfoldment that comes out between the 2 magical aspects.

In this aspect, both Personal Planets, Mars and Mercury, are in Higher Mind Planets’ Signs, Sagittarius and Pisces. The unfoldment will be about how our motivation for higher consciousness is going to mesh with our new reality that is coming about as we move into 5D Soul Awareness.

The skies are reflecting back to us just how we are moving from the other dimensions very decisively into 5D and returning to our Souls. We are birthing a new awareness of a new reality and the 20-somethings are fearlessly leading us there… believe it or not!

Video Here


This video makes that age group look stupid in terms of the Baby-Boomer reality. But you can’t get into a NEW reality by remembering all the details of the old. In fact, it is best to FORGET what has passed (Karmic Resolution and Separation Consciousness) and look only to the future. Understanding the process of 3D and 4D helps you realize 5D, but the product of both of these dimensions need to be LET GO of… and the South Node AGREES! 

Let Go!!


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