Feel the BERN’s Awareness

Mind you, I don’t really follow politics, like… at ALL! But I have been noticing that much of what Bernie Sanders says aligns with the ideas of the Planetary energies. And as a friend said to me the other day, “It doesn’t matter whether Bernie wins or not, he has already started a revolution with his ideas.” And those words compelled me to look at his Natal Chart to see how HE is interacting with the 20-somethings ‘Vast, Transformational Change.’

Since I know the chart of this friend quite well and I know she is all about bringing Syrian refugees here and quite passionate about it (she has her Natal Uranus in Sagittarius giving her revelation of a global perspective to everything with a legal slant to back it up). She is FEELING her Natal Planets!

But back to Bernie… Over the last year, he has had Transiting Uranus Biquintile his Natal Ascendant at 25:09 Scorpio. As of March 17, Uranus is exacting his 3rd pass to Bernie’s Ascendant. This has been the most stellar aspect affecting him, for sure.

Your Ascendant is your highest point of self-awareness. It is the way you assert yourself, the first impression that you make and your physical appearance. Scorpio Rising brings you attractiveness for the sharing of resources, investment or campaign donations. It gives you charisma and mysteriousness. It is the Sign of business and transformation.

But this places Bernie’s Ascendant in his 3rd House of communication by Sun Sign as he is a Virgo Sun. Bernie is very able to speak and engage people with some personal magnetism. But he can talk about ANYTHING as well. He is a powerful persuader or manipulator if he is on the lower vibration of Scorpio energy. Which I don’t believe he is as Uranus in a Biquintile to his Ascendant would take him into magical awareness of how to EQUALLY (Uranus) distribute shared resources (Scorpio).

To be guided by Uranus for a year now means that he is suggesting philanthropic solutions to the problems at hand. He is promoting individual freedom as Uranus is in Aries, the Sign of the individual. He is seeking universe-all solutions to everything. THAT is Uranian energy, for sure.

To help him with his campaign efforts, he has had Pluto Trine his Sun over the last year. This means he has had enhanced visibility and an increase in his personal confidence to support his efforts. This gives him endurance for the task of campaigning and helps him to focus on the leads of everyone as a whole and to look at the resources we all have to draw from… the collective capital.

Transiting Neptune is within orb of his 1st of 3 exact Biquintiles to Bernie’s Pluto. This is a good thing because Bernie’s Pluto and Chiron are in his 12th House by Sun Sign which means they are transformed by ‘failures’ or things not really materializing as they would like. But Neptune rules the 12th House and we are healing our woundings any way, but this aspect delivers magic to Bernie’s Pluto turning this liability into a strength over the next year. He can IMAGINE a better future for us all. He has an ability to understand motives and powerful forces that he will be dealing with and to arrive at a sort of ideal from all the pieces of the puzzle to fit them into a new whole.

One aspect that could keep him on his toes, as well as those around him, is that Transiting Uranus will begin Opposing his Natal Venus in May for the 1st of 3 exact passes. While this will certainly help him to consider ways to distribute resources equally for all, he could be rather erratic in his relationships. He could experience a ‘love at first sight’ type of thing that could take his eye off the ball for a bit. We’ll see how aware he is after the magical aspect to his Ascendant.

While these are personal aspects to Bernie, it is true that his words have likely voiced the revolution ready to take place with all 20-years old in bringing about a global government and equalizing laws and resources. These are concepts that ARE part of our future and Bernie is in alignment with these trends.

Whereas Trump is the dying 3D mind that is now laughable to all of us. The characters are really unimportant. It is the energies that we must recognize the move with. Regardless of who you think is in the White House, the global agenda is being spoken now as we move towards are Vast, Transformational Change.

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