5D Astrology Featured in Local Paper

What an interesting development for me in a small town in Northern Michigan. The Solar Eclipse of Mar 8 occurred in my 11th House of Astrology by Rising Sign offering a ‘fresh start.’ When I met the newspaper editor for the 2nd time a few weeks ago, we were discussing politics only because that was the discussion they were having. When I piped in that the 20-somethings were creating our vast, transformational change and that their Planets would determine our new ‘reality’, like it or not, she was intrigued. Within about 15 minutes into the discussion she said she wanted to do a feature on me for the paper.

We met a few more times over drinks and she was soaking up the 5D stuff like a sponge. She watched each of my videos, read my article ideas and came up with something that perfectly merged where people of Cheboygan are at as far as being able to engage my concepts. It has been a fun process to see how she put this into our mainstream media here. You will enjoy the historical perspective of Astrology that she added in along with writer, Shelley St. Onge.

5D Astrology Business Aims to Raise Awareness

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