Mar 19 – Magical, Intimate Clarity

The Sun (clarity) and Pluto (intimacy) make a magical aspect early Saturday morning. It is going to be very helpful to any intimate situations you have going on. And the Sun is at the critical degree of our subconscious mind helping us to finally wrap up our old ‘reality’ to make room for the new one that will begin to be realized as the Sun ingresses Aries at 12:40am on Sunday morning. When the Moon Opposes the Sun on Mar 23 at 3:13 Aries as they create the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, we will have an emotional reset in some area of our lives as we are able to let go of the ‘old’ and bring in something new to our reality.

At 6:37am on Saturday morning, the Sun at 29:16 Pisces Quintiles Pluto at 17:16 Capricorn.

Here the Sun will provide clarity around our subconscious mind and clear away the cobwebs of 3D and 4D fears associated with intimacy (Pluto). Pluto in Capricorn is someone in authority wanting to invest in you, your business or other joint venture, or merely merge with you sexually. They may have misused their authority over you in the past, but this aspect will allow you to let that all go and begin a new chapter of sharing with them. You will have clarity around their intentions and motives and will be able to see clearly how you can merge with them without any old hang-ups getting in the way (subconscious fears/Pisces). Remember, Chiron in Pisces Conjunct the South Node is helping us to heal our 3D/4D woundings as we move into Soul Awareness.

At 11:38am on Monday, Mercury will make this same aspect to Pluto that the Sun makes on Saturday morning. Here we can expect to have some expression of the magic be created as you release your subconscious fears and magically merge.

This means Mercury is zipping along right now as he is ready to Conjunct the Sun at 4:11pm on the day of the Lunar Eclipse! This means he is going to be playing a big role in the Eclipse cycle of the next 6 months. With the Sun and Mercury Conjunct in the Eclipse chart, our goals and purpose will be in sync with our thoughts and ideas and we can clearly express ourselves (Aries). The Moon Opposes both of these Planets will allow us to see how we FEEL about our new goals and ideas.

There are other very powerful aspects occurring near the Eclipse that will add further definition to this emotional reset;) More tomorrow!

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