Mar 21 – Some Magic and Jupiter Square Saturn

This is an expression of the magical ways you can not work productively with the government, banks or corporations with which you share resources. Or it could just that family authority figure you are making magic with. Either way, the person who has been prodding you to evolve over the last several years as they ‘misused’ their power over you (you FELT like they did because of the energy) now has some magical ideas, thoughts or words for you. Or you for them.

At 11:36am on Monday Mercury at 29:17 Pisces Quintiles Pluto at 17:17 Capricorn.

The Sun made this same aspect to Pluto on Saturday before the Sun ingressed Aries creating the Spring Equinox. That was the clarity around this situation with your Pluto entity. The Sun was wrapping up your old subconscious fears and helping you to birth a new reality at the Equinox. Now Mercury is going to deliver the ideas and words that express how to plan for this reality… to make some mental space to ‘see’ it.

This aspect is quite defining as the magic can wipe away any hard feelings you have with this person or entities. The subconscious is where things end and this is a magical ending to make room for a whole new way of working with authorities and your own authority.

While it is very easy in 3D and 4D to put the blame on your Pluto person, we ALL are Pluto to someone else!! So we should keep that in mind. That is the symmetry of our reality that once seen allows us to move into CONVERGENT ‘thought’ again, that is 5D.

See if you can pin down what gets expressed and see how this magic is such an amazing thing right now.

There are no aspects on Tuesday as we move into the VERY DEFINING Full Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE on Wednesday morning. But the Jupiter Square to Saturn will be taking center stage!

This is a very big deal in the ‘big picture’ of where the Universe has us right now. Jupiter rules expansion and Saturn rules focus… in 3D this felt like limitation and restriction, but there is a 5D way of looking at it. And that would be to be response-able to the issue Saturn is putting front and center in our face.

In 3D and 4D, if we felt Saturn’s energy we often felt we were losing other things and tried to hold on tight to what we could… we tried to CONTROL things… use our AUTHORITY to keep things from changing or morphing in any way.

Jupiter brings in expansion and in 3D and 4D, this expansion was often over-the-top optimism that wouldn’t last when Jupiter changed Signs and we were deflated.

BUT given the vibrations we are FEELING right now, this Square is a very useful thing!

We are being given a chance to FOCUS our attention on the EXPANSION right where we need to make it in our lives in order to STAY in 5D.

Our FOCUS (Saturn) should be on our PHILOSOPHY (Sagittarius/Jupiter) of how to go about our day-to-day activities (like work, health, service, duty–Virgo energy) as we ASCEND (Jupiter) to 5D response-ablity.

If you have watched the videos, especially the 4D one, you may recall that ‘the WAY’ out of 4D is by developing a philosophy that YOU KNOW is right to move you away from Karma and back to Soul Awareness. It is a philosophy that embraced Soul Awareness and is able to let go of ANYTHING in the past because it sees the ‘big picture’, which is interpreted in the Bible as the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’, of our Souls having a human experience.

SOOOOO this Square between Jupiter and Saturn is CHALLENGING you to FOCUS and figure out WHAT that philosophy IS and how to apply it to your day-to-day activities to SHOW you are Soul Aware!

In this CHALLENGE there is a choice… choose the new path;) Use Saturn response-ably to help you focus on the SHIFT you are making. Saturn holds your FOCUS while you CHOOSE the path of challenge. Jupiter will expand your philosophy as you pursue it.

We are on the brink of a major shift into 5D reality. It IS happening. Many of us are in that vibration much of the time, but we are moving more decisively onward.


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