Do You Need More INFO or More FLOW?

Understanding 5D Astrology is very simple if you can shut down your Mercury mind long enough to FEEL what I mean. I haven’t done the Merlin Mind video yet so everything isn’t quite finished regarding the ‘5D Astrology IS the Theory of Everything.’

But there are many of us still wrapped up in learning MORE and MORE as a way to achieve 5D. We like to ‘follow’ someone who sounds smart, authoritative and knows more than we do. While I see the big picture and have a philosophy that WORKS in 5D, I don’t spend my time here filling your head with endless of amounts of knowledge that will actually KEEP you from being in 5D.

Like scientists who are endlessly trying to measure our physical reality, seeking KNOWLEDGE of the physical reality IS what has kept us OUT of 5D. Being smart does not a Merlin make.

Several annual cycles ago (aka 3D ‘years’) I woke from a dream with this phrase in my conscious mind:

“The conscious mind (Mercury) wants to know the answers, but the spiritual heart (Neptune) asks, ‘what does it matter?'”

The 3D and 4D mind is wants to satisfy the human ego. They want to become someone others follow. They want to create a huge network of people around their ideas. The more they preach their ideas, the more they feel validated.

But in 5D, NONE of that stuff matters! When you return to Soul Awareness, ALL that information about our physical reality doesn’t matter at all.

All that matters is knowing our consciousness created EVERYTHING. And our consciousness can create SOMETHING ELSE. That’s IT!

When I write my daily posts, my only focus is on seeing how each day’s energies might FEEL because THAT allows us each to track of what is going on and to respond differently to old, harder energies. It allows us to stay in 5D more.

I don’t try to razzle dazzle you with loads of Astrology knowledge because it is NOT essential to BEING aware! IN FACT, that KNOWLEDGE trips UP your awareness much of the time.

In 5D, we may be able to ‘steer our stars’ in some fashion and that is part of what I mean by being a Merlin Mind. But you can’t GET THERE by FOCUSING on the PHYSICAL world.

So this is a gentle reminder to stay focused on the energies you FEEL and you will find yourself in 5D. Its really THAT simple:) Flow with it!!


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