Letting Go of Soul-Level Pain

At 1:14am on Thursday, the North Node will exact his Opposition to Chiron in Pisces (21:49 degrees). This is literally the ‘letting go’ of our old subconscious Soul-Level pain. Wow! Right? Chiron is our umbilical cord to our Soul and in 3D and 4D we felt him is a very, deep psychological pain that left us inconsolable for a few days with each Transit. But as we are returning to our Soul-Level memory (5D IS Soul Awareness), then we don’t need the pain anymore that served as the jerk on our tether to get us to return.

NOW is the time to let that ALL go. Chiron Transiting Pisces right now has been accentuating emotional manipulation as the one binding Soul-Level pain that affected ALL of us.

About a year and a half ago, I had a woman I did a Reading for ask me to do one for her daughter as her daughter was ‘troubled.’ In talking to the daughter, too, I got to explain how her ‘wounding’ (Soul-Level pain) was around her ‘mom’ (Conjunct Moon or in the 4th House). That was evident. What the daughter was quite good at, however, was telling her mother she was going to kill herself. And that tripped up the mother’s Chiron in Pisces (emotional manipulation). Besides that, they were both repeating a Karmic past-life issue where this same thing had occurred.

When I told the daughter that we CHOOSE to die on a Chiron Transit because we either are ready to leave knowing we are returning to our Soul, or because we can’t face the pain. And I don’t judge anyone for doing that…. With the sting removed (compassion, detached emotion, Uranus) she could look objectively at her own actions. It was a powerful Reading.

However, when she told her mother, who wanted to know everything, what I had said, she told her that I said it was ‘ok to kill herself.’ Actually in 5D, it doesn’t matter either way. You wouldn’t need to if you resolved your Karma and entered 5D. But the mother proceeded to tell some of our mutual acquaintances what I had ‘said.’ More emotional manipulation, panning for pity about having such a hurtful daughter. And THAT is the wounding of a Chiron in Pisces.

The mother and I talked again for another hour or more as I explained to her how things work at the Soul-Level. I speak the vibration of my Soul as I KNOW it and FEEL it. There is NO judgment there. There is NO emotional manipulation there. There is only awareness.

So last night as a young friend of mine was going through her 3rd Chiron Conjunct Ascendant pass (in Pisces on the South Node right now), there was some emotional manipulation stirred up again. I suggested to her friends who tried to point a finger at me, that they all come to my Seminar this Saturday at 3:00pm so I could explain to them my ‘heartless actions.’ Call it what you will, emotional manipulation is a LOWER VIBRATIONAL response to the energies.

Deciding to stay in your human form or not is something I completely understand and comprehend the process of this decision. End of story. No emotion. No fear. No judgment. No drama/trauma of Karma. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

THIS is where we ALL need to be as a result of this Transit. There is no death. There is no ‘blame’ to be put on someone. There is ONLY awareness of our Souls that should come through with this Aspect.

The South Node in Pisces is ENDING (Pisces ending) and LETTING GO (the South Node ‘lets go’) the OLD collective unconscious of us all that we shared in 3D and 4D. Neptune and Chiron Transiting Pisces, at this space-time, is creating a new collective unconscious that matches our 5D Soul Awareness.

Let the process BEGIN and END NOW! It is a new AWARENESS that is coming through:)

BTW, everything at soul bridging.com looks right. What I do with Astrology is SEE what their Chiron is and tell them the timing of things, which creates an AWARENESS that CHANGES EVERYTHING!!


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