Mercury Trine Mars and Saturn Retrogrades

At 6:45pm on Thursday evening, Mercury at 5:51 Aries Trines Mars at 5:51 Sagittarius.

Here we have a fiery (Aries/Sagittarius) ease (Trine) between our motivations (Mars/Aries) and our expressions (Mercury). We are passionate (Mars) and flamboyant (Sagittarius) in our pursuit (Mars) of expressing (Mercury) ourselves (Aries). It will come of with ease even if the effort is over-the-top (Sagittarius).

Our words could literally start a wildfire of activity that is very helpful. It will, no doubt, fit well with our big picture philosophy while showing us our own path to freedom at the same time.

This is a more personal aspect to each of us and won’t affect our collective situations much at all. Though we are each pursuing higher consciousness and our personal freedom at the moment.

At 6:01am on Friday morning, Saturn at 16:24 Sagittarius Stations Retrograde. Right now, as he stops in the sky, we are really focusing on the energy of 16:24 in our Natal Chart. What are you focused on at the moment? Can you see what Saturn wants you to notice and be response-able to?

Saturn will Retrograde back to 9:47 Sagittarius on Aug 13 as he Stations Direct once again. You will be reviewing your focus around things Saturn has been pointing out to you since Dec 16, 2015. It has to do with seeing the big picture, taking in global concepts and ideas and applying them to a new philosophy.

During his Retrograde Station, Saturn will Square Neptune for the 2nd time on Jun 17 at 12+ degrees Sagittarius/Pisces. Once Direct again, Saturn will Square Neptune for the 3rd time on Sep 10 at 10+ Sagittarius/Pisces. They are dissolving some Karmic structures and ending our Karmic subconscious minds once and for all. Let’s see how your new global philosophy enables you to navigate through the dissolving of structures in these same areas of your life: religion, spirituality, foreign places, boundaries with foreign entities, colleges, universities, seniors and the elderly, etc.

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