Adventurous Attraction

On Saturday, we have 2 aspects that are beneficial for both our male and female sides. We EACH have a Mars and a Venus energy in our charts. How we portray those energies is infinitely variable. But as both Mars and Venus Transit, we have some similar feelings that we all share in a sense, yet with many variables as well (depending on House placements and aspects made to Natal Planets).

At 6:32am the Sun at 6:12 Aries Trines Mars at 6:12 Sagittarius.

This is adventure waiting to happen. With the Sun helping you to feel energized to act, and Mars seeking higher-minded adventure, this is a great mix for a good time. Likely you will seize the opportunity on Friday night as this aspect is applying or early Saturday morning as you jump out of day ready to hit the ground running.

The Sun in Aries is going to light up the degrees where Uranus has been Transiting since Mar 2011 and the Sun will show us how we ARE moving forward on our personal path to freedom (Uranus in Aries). Mars is developing a philosophy around higher minded actions… like Random Acts of Kindness are a perfect result of Mars in Sagittarius. Mars is motivated to initiate his philosophy of kindness as the highest form of wisdom. But kindness in ACTION is what Mars is all about. So if you feel yourself wanting to jump the line and pay someone’s tab before even realizing that you are ALREADY moving to do just that… well, that IS this aspect at its finest. Or grab the door, the grocery bag or anything else someone needs a hand with and then see if there is still MORE you can do for them.

At 7:12am Venus at 17:21 Pisces Sextiles Pluto at 17:21 Capricorn.

If you find out what else they need after you help them with their grocery bags, this aspect is going to help you carry the kindness even further. Here you might be able to share some resources with them, offer to pay a bill they are struggling with or to contact an authority on their behalf and resolve an issue.

Venus is a healing touch and working productively with authorities and their resources. If you know where someone can get more ‘kindness’ in their lives, then offer to help them manage that Pluto entity that has been dogging them.

On the other hand, it just might be that the person you helped, is able to help YOU. Or there may simply be more wonderful attraction going on as your Mars gallantly assisted a Venus a bit earlier. And I’m not talking in gender terms alone… we ALL have use Venus energy and Mars energy. We ALL act and are attracted/attractive.

With Venus in Pisces, we are uncovering some hidden desire that we weren’t expecting perhaps. Many different things can come up as each Planet Transits Pisces. Be aware that you are purging some things from your subconscious so you don’t have to accept it all as your reality. It is something old there that may be surfacing.

Venus in Pisces is the time to see how your desires are morphing and choose what you feel you want moving forward.


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