Awareness of New or Changed Desires

On Monday, like Sunday, we have one minor aspect made. But our Higher Mind energy is definitely engaged. So take note of any shift or change or dissolving of some desires.

At 5:33am Venus at 19:44 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 19:44 Aries.

With this simple aspect we have both our collective unconscious mind (Pisces/Neptune) and our revelatory mind (Uranus) involved. Along with both of our ‘gender’ energies: Venus and Mars, as he rules Aries.

Venus in Pisces is going through the baptismal waters of our godhead mind (Pisces/Neptune) releasing or dissolving some old desires as she will be bringing some new desires to the surface as she ingresses Aries.

Uranus is IN Aries and has the awareness of what her desires will be. So we are getting flashes of insight into what our new terrain moving forward might feel like. AND how we desire for it to be.

Venus and Uranus can bring us love-at-first-sight type of awarenesses. But with a productive aspect, it is more likely to just point out to us HOW our desires are changing and to show us the depth of the changed desires within us all.

If we are moving towards more 5D, then our desires are definitely morphing to allow for more freedom (Uranus) around our desires (Venus) and to align them with the new reality (Neptune) of 5D.

It is also possible that you could see Uranus dig up some old subconscious fear that is lingering so you can release it. It may actually manifest in some form, but once you have the awareness that you are simply seeing your fear, you will be over it and on to seeing your desires change.

As Venus rules our OWN money and resources and Uranus rules the electrical current of ‘currency’ as well as philanthropy, you could have some startling new desires to free (Uranus) yourself of so many possessions (dissolving your resources-Venus in Pisces) so you can more easily move onto your new path to freedom (Uranus in Aries). How you dispense of these belongings could easily be some philanthropic gesture that frees you in ways you never imagined (Neptune/Pisces) before!

It is very likely that we will all begin to hear more and more of people donating their stuff and leaving behind possessions as there is this strong force in the chart of the early 20-somethings creating our vast, transformational change over the next 2 years. And in 2 years, when Uranus ingresses Taurus, the Sign Venus rules, which rules our personal possessions and fixed earth, we can expect to see some very shocking gestures to level the playing field of ‘possessions’ in a universe-all sense (Uranus).

The times they are a changing… Uranus IS change!

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