Do We REALLY Need a Job?

On Tuesday we have 2 aspects that are still bringing up some stuff we need to really look at: our new work/service philosophy and our 3D/4D Soul-Level pain. For me, just looking at the picture above is a bit nauseating as it is soooo 3D!!

At 2:36pm Mercury at 15:40 Aries Quincunx Jupiter Retrograde at 15:40 Virgo.

This is some expression (Mercury) around the way our new work/service philosophy (Jupiter in Virgo) is making an adjustment (Quincunx) to our personal motivations (Aries). What gets spoken now should show you how to adjust your actions to bring them into alignment with your new work/service philosophy.

Yesterday I had a Skype Reading with a woman in Hungary. She knew quite a lot about Astrology herself, but our exchange was very interesting. She expressed her feelings that she shouldn’t have to ‘work’ to earn a living. That this was something she was beginning to feel. She is a Leo Sun and has Virgo in her 2nd House of earned income by Sun Sign. Virgo IS the 3D Sign of ‘work’ as in the Baby-Boomer reality (Neptune in Libra, which made them the conformist ‘company man’). But with both the North Node and Jupiter in Virgo, we are elevating a new philosophy around Virgo energies. And in 5D, service is more of the keyword here.

If in 5D we are ‘Merlins’ and know how to change our physical reality, and there is NO LIMITATION, then why are are working so hard? I have danced around pointing this out for a while because I don’t like to draw conclusions for you here. I like to help you FEEL the Planetary energies for yourself. If you do that, then we should all arrive at the same consciousness and manifest similar ideas.

I just like to increase YOUR awareness of what the Planets are doing so you can get there on your own. I won’t ‘mine your gold,’ but rather will provide you with pick and axe, so to speak.

Still, imagine (Neptune/Pisces) for a moment what our daily lives would be/will be like if we don’t hold down a job… I have been doing this for most of 15 years. Last summer I did work as a waitress for the first time in all those years. I have always been a consultant working for myself for longer than that even and then I began making jewelry to ‘barter’ with. I didn’t take ‘credit cards’ until last fall. I don’t like to take part in the interest bearing system (credit) as it is a zero-sum game (3D limitation and diminishing returns).  But I have made my peace with all of it and not judging it at all;) We ARE moving there more on a collective basis now. And this Transit of Jupiter in Virgo is working us through it.

Virgo is Opposite Pisces and is said to ‘externalize’, or make conscious, what is ‘internal’ or subconscious/hidden. So Jupiter Opposite Pisces right now is helping us revise what we make conscious. How can we create a world without the Baby-Boomer concepts of ‘get a job, go to work for the government or corporations in exchange for retirement, healthcare and not to be a borden to our children.’ (PS – As IF retirement pensions DON’T burden your children;) In a very 3D mindset, Baby-Boomers were always hedging their bets against the Universe’s provision in their future. The North Node in Virgo is challenging us to step away from that lower-level of viewing things and to see it soulfully.

But 3D IS the absence of an ability to see things soulfully. In 3D, you are plugged from your source, you are focused only on what YOU want. Hitler wanted to create a ‘perfect Aryan race’. He didn’t think about killing people, that was just a 3D result of holding a value off the zero point of Soul Awareness. Hitler’s consciousness DID create Nazi Germany, but he likely didn’t see it coming anymore than we used to see our Karma coming at us either.

It is TIME to get our daily routines (Virgo) aligned with a global, big-picture, higher consciousness perspective (Jupiter) and Soulful understanding (North Node). Mercury will express some of the personal actions we need to adjust in order to align them with our new work/service philosophy.

At 6:18pm Venus at 21:38 Pisces Opposes the North Node at 21:38 Virgo.

This puts Venus Conjunct the South Node of ‘letting go’ energy. If our Virgo energies in 3D were out of whack, that is because our subconscious fears were driving them. Right now with Neptune and Chiron BOTH in Pisces, along with the South Node, we are letting go of the Soul-Level pain/wounding we used to feel in 3D and 4D that reminded us to turn back to Soul Awareness. This letting go should begin to feel easier today as Venus is a Healing Planet as well and can ease that process along.

If you are still living in ‘lack’ (a 3D fear of Venus energy), then today is the day to release that fear and trust the Universe. Once you do that, you can begin to open to the magical energies that move you out of the rut of 3D stinking thinking. Venus in 5D is abundance, non-possessive beauty that is gratitude for all things.

Let it go… whatever you see there today, let it go:)

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