Burned Out, Sleepless, Excessive Drinking or Over-Worked

For all of us with Planets and Points in the Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) the 2-weeks to 2 months has been rather disorienting.

There has been so much energy focused on these Signs that create over-doing and over-thinking or avoidance, that we are not sure which end is up.

Since August when Jupiter ingressed Virgo, our workloads have increased wherever you have Virgo by House/s in your Natal Chart.Aries Suns have been working out like mad-men, right Michael Blewett? Pisces Suns have been probably avoiding everyone because they are overwhelmed with all the seemingly senseless activity. Gemini and Sagittarius Suns are wondering how to balance home and career with these 2 Houses so lit up with contrasting energies.

In September, Saturn ingressed Sagittarius to stay for another 2 years, putting this energy in Square to Virgo and Pisces. Then in November, the North Node joined Jupiter in Virgo. And for the last several years, both Neptune and Chiron have been Transiting Pisces and the last 6-9 months has been Opposing Jupiter or the North Node and Square to Saturn. (NOTE: Neptune and Chiron are at opposite ends of Pisces so they haven’t both had all the same aspects to Saturn, Jupiter and the North Node… yet!) 

Then over the last 5-6 weeks, we have had 3 of the 4 Personal Planets Transiting through Pisces lighting up these energies.

Pisces and Virgo energies can be hard to get a handle on. Virgo externalizes Pisces imagination. But its the axis of the Zodiac Wheel where we ‘undo’ ourselves because we tend not to understand our subconscious very well. We do, do, do, do, do without understanding the ‘why.’ This puts us into situations that are difficult to figure our way out of.

Do our daily routines and lifestyles make ANY sense? Are we just acting on subconscious impulse without thinking about it AT ALL? Usually, yes, we are. But Jupiter in Virgo has caused us to HAVE to think about it. If we DIDN’T think about it, you may remember the month of September when so many were over-drinking/drugging. Jupiter Opposite Neptune creates this type of over-doing. Neptune dissolves and Jupiter expands things (the drinking, the avoidance and escapist behaviors) and Jupiter rules the liver. That is why over-drinking dissolves the liver.

Jupiter in Virgo wants us to create a new philosophy around our work, health, service, duty, roommates, co-workers, volunteering, military service, fitness, food production, etc.  But that is so hard to focus on with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces throwing up subconscious flags at us challenging our reality.

Saturn in Sagittarius has been Squaring Neptune (1st Square was in Nov and there are 2 more this summer and early fall) which is dissolving Jupiter-like structures and dissolving our old reality. But Saturn Square Jupiter, which has been over the last few weeks, is really holding us accountable to creating a new philosophy to see us through all this dissolving.

Yes, it is disorienting. Many of our various experiences are over-drinking, over-working, needing a vacation, can’t sleep, restless, deep dreams, too much sleep, etc. At times this energy has poured into the empty corner of a t-Square with Saturn, Jupiter/North Node and Chiron/South Node bringing up central nervous system issues.

If you put these work and day-to-day activity issues into the very big picture of where ALL the Planets are at the moment, you will find that we ARE moving into an equalizing time of  resources (Uranus will ingress Taurus in 2 years), Venus in Pisces is dissolving some personal desires around our own resources, Saturn is holding us accountable and response-able to the entire global picture and Pluto is showing us how our systems need to be transformed to meet all of these new, universe-al ideas from Uranus.

If we ARE to CHANGE the world, we MUST let go (South Node) of the old one (Pisces). When we want to stay home in bed rather than go to work, that IS the dissolving Pisces energy is doing so we can LIVE according to our new, global philosophy of work/service.

Let’s take the Baby-Boomer/3D concepts out of Virgo and express a more expansive, soulful energy of service as a means to LIVING. Resources ARE NOT that hard to come by. Our world is a hologram. Change your consciousness out of limitation to ABUNDANCE and you will never go hungry;)

You can’t drink away your old life, but by drinking some of you ARE managing the transition. Awareness is a better option. Seeing things morph before your eyes without the aid of alcohol or drugs is the biggest kick you can achieve!

Now this next week Mercury will most almost ALL of the aspects from Aries. He will be bringing about the communications and contracts that you need to get onto the beginning path of this new liberation from ‘work’. So watch the newsletter and your ‘inbox’ for all that activity that is set to put some things in motion.




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