Unexpected, Passionate Expression

The next week really belongs to Mercury. Not only is he leading the pack of Personal Planets through our new annual cycle of ‘reality,’ but he is going to be making ALL of the aspects for the next 4 days and then 4 of the 8 remaining aspects that lead up to the New Moon at 18:04 Aries… the END of the Eclipse Wormhole.

That’s right! We are STILL in the Eclipse wormhole of ‘rapid change’, but because the Solar Eclipse was in Pisces, it is harder to detect the ‘fresh start’ that is signature to Solar Eclipses. Then the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse was in Aries, the Sign of action, but a Lunar Eclipse closes things down, so we haven’t quite got our brain around all of the ‘fresh start’ yet. It should become clearer with the New Moon on Apr 7 at 18:04 Aries.

Meantime, your thoughts, ideas and communications are what you want to be paying attention to over the next 4 days. Mercury is leading the charge, but is also in degrees that he won’t return to on his next Retrograde cycle, so these expressions you say or hear, are IT. They are the real deal… or the best sense of reality that you can get for now.

On Tuesday, Mercury began his gauntlet of meeting all of the Outer Planets and Points within a week’s timeframe. First he Trined Saturn and on Wednesday he Squared Pluto.

On Thursday, he will Conjunct Uranus. On Friday he will Biquintile Jupiter, Quincunx the North Node, Semi-Sextile Chiron, Ses-Square Mars and Semi-Square Neptune.

To have Mercury’s expressions with all of the other Planets and Points occur so tightly means that we will be SPEAKING all the the heavens have going on for us right now. The expressions over these days will be very significant as we can get a handle on the big picture of Astrology when we can pinpoint these aspects.

Mercury can bring us the contracts, the agreements, the meetings, the emails, text messages, voicemail that we have been waiting for over these few days!

In Aries, Mercury’s expressions will be action-oriented. They will kick-start the new annual cycle of our reality that was birthed as the Sun and Mercury were Transiting Neptune. Venus is still there reworking our desires. But our plans are being made NOW and they are being set in motion. Just out of Neptune, our words will finally express our new ‘dreams’ for the future.

If you can check all your communications for each of these aspects. To remind you:

At 11:02pm on Tuesday, Mercury at 16:23 Aries Trined Saturn Retrograde at 16:23 Sagittarius.

At 10:53am on Wednesday, Mercury at 17:24 Aries Squared Pluto at 17:24 Capricorn.

Now, at 4:49pm on Thursday, Mercury at 19:56 Aries Conjuncts Uranus at 19:56 Aries.

We can expect to have all sorts of things POP UP, Uranus style. Our words will be passionate and forceful. We will initiate action along with our words. We will be willful and  motivated to communicate what we are seeing in flashes of revelation from Uranus. We can expect to express what our personal path to freedom is as well as our new ideas around universe-all concepts for the new age ahead.

If you are an Aries Sun (Or Rising Sign), you may want to shake up the first impression you make such as with a new haircut or makeup or glasses.

If you are a Taurus Sun (Or Rising Sign), you may be celebrating your freedom from an old relationship you never thought you would break free from.

If you are a Gemini Sun (Or Rising Sign), you may be talking about new ways to engage your social network using Astrology or some philanthropic idea for your local community.

If you are a Cancer Sun (Or Rising Sign), you may be talking about new ideas for fixing up your home or changing up your career status.

If you are a Leo Sun (Or Rising Sign), you may be talking about some higher consciousness retreat you want to attend.

If you are a Virgo Sun (Or Rising Sign), you may be talking about a new business idea you have that will be employee-owned with equal shares.

If you are a Libra Sun (Or Rising Sign), you may be talking about some new ideas for fun with your close friends or partner.

If you are a Scorpio Sun (Or Rising Sign), you may be talking about ways to get more freedom built into your work schedule and work routine.

If you are a Sagittarius Sun (Or Rising Sign), you may be talking about ways to develop your creative flashes into some form of entertainment.

If you are a Capricorn Sun (Or Rising Sign), you may be talking about ways to work from home, or moving home.

If you are an Aquarius Sun (Or Rising Sign), you may be talking about ways to get involved in your local community and neighborhood that gives you more freedom and satisfies your need to save the world.

If you are a Pisces Sun (Or Rising Sign),you may be talking about ways to give away some of your own resources as a philanthropic gesture that gives you more personal freedom.

6 thoughts on “Unexpected, Passionate Expression

    1. You are aries sun n Scorpio rising;) I have all your chart details, but didn’t have 10:31pm. I used it for this Rising sign;) hope it is accurate!

  1. Mary Ann, it means to read BOTH the Aries description for that post AND the Scorpio one;) And any other time there is something about Sun Signs, you should read both the Aries and Scorpio (or Libra and Sagittarius depending on degree of your Ascendant–your highest point of self-awareness).
    An Aries Sun is creating initiative in your purpose in life. Scorpio Rising means your versed on all types of sharing, business or personal.

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