The New Moon in Aries

This New Moon will bring about the END of the Eclipse Wormhole. On Mar 23, we had a Lunar Eclipse that followed a Solar Eclipse on Mar 8. Eclipse cycles bring ‘rapid change’ within the 4-6weeks of time between them and the next Moon cycle.

By now, you have a pretty good idea of what this Eclipse cycle has ‘changed’ for you and what the activity of the next 6 months is about. The Solar Eclipse was a beginning to something involving Virgo energies (where Pisces is externalized). And the Lunar Eclipse was an ending and an opening in the Signs of Libra and Aries that affects relating-ships and self.

Now the New Moon in Aries will kick off a month of ACTING on the new reality we were birthing as the Personal Planets moved through Pisces dissolving some old ideas and bringing up new ones. We are all going to move into more 5D ways of being.

Right now the Moon is moving through the first half of Aries, aspecting many other Planets helping to set the stage for our monthly ‘fresh start.’ Pay attention to your feelings and intuition as it will help you to align with the goals the Sun has in store for you. When others Astrologers and Moon people suggest that you ‘set your intentions,’ it is better phrased as ‘aligning’ with the clarity of the what is ahead.

The I-Ching, Book of Changes, will tell you that the Superior Man wants only what is ‘right’ and not what their ego would desire. Until you shift into acceptance, you can’t achieve your Merlin Mind to create something new. The magic doesn’t come about by the ego’s will, but rather by accepting the envelope of time and watching the magic begin to happen. Like a conscious lucid dream, you can begin to play with the energies and shift things. The old 3D/4D of ‘setting your intentions’ needs to be looked at closely to FEEL the 5D way through the energies and letting go of your ego, which is the 3D avatar cut off from Soul.

A New Moon in and of itself does not hold any ‘magic’ so it is best to surrender to the energies that come your way and choose the highest vibrational way to respond. Your Soul Awareness has no earthly goals of ‘success’ or acquisition of objects. Rather, it desires to free itself of any 3D thought and to move into all energies knowing abundance and playfulness at each turn.

Over the last month, many have had difficulty staying in 5D playfulness. The Solar Eclipse in the Sign of Pisces has had us all reviewing how we can get tripped up in our subconscious minds creating that which we DIDN’T really want. It can be hard to stay patient as we dissolve old things and await the new ones. It is in the deep, mutable (changing) waters of Pisces that we have no solid sense of anything. We have to float with the currents and wait for the time of action, acting on that nebulous new idea.

There is a bit of magic that will be in the New Moon chart over the next month, but it comes from Mercury and Mars.

At 12:29am on Thursday, Mercury at 2:17 Taurus Biquintiles Mars at 8:17 Sagittarius.

Mercury in Taurus is bringing in Venus energy to meet magically with Mars, which is male energy. Mercury and Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, magically merge words and expressions with global ideas, optimistic ideas and expansion of these things. So the magic between the 2 gender energies with expanded communication is a very great way to start the next month. We can expect ‘abundance’ around all things to play a role as Venus rules our own resources and Jupiter rules expansion for the sake of the big picture. Mars is motivated to pursue a higher good in all that Mercury expresses.

Then at 7:20am the Moon Conjuncts the Sun at 18:04 Aries, creating the New Moon.

As you wake up on Thursday morning (for those in the Western Hemisphere), you will have a sense of the new actions you will be taking over the next month that will keep you on your personal path to freedom. In 2 days time, the Sun will exact a Conjunction to Uranus, but the Sun is within orb of this Conjunction at the New Moon.

Uranus in Aries has been giving us revelation about the ways to find our personal freedom. As he dissolved our old, Age of Pisces revelations as he passed through Pisces, he is now helping us to move into the Age of Aquarius (NOTE: many other contributing aspects and transits signified the time of this new age).

If we EACH follow Uranus’ revelations, we will find that our outer world structures (Capricorn) have transformed (Pluto) themselves without the need of any physical confrontation with these same authorities. This New Moon should help you to clarify what your personal path is and help you to get moving on it. You will be instinctively acting on your ‘new reality’ as the Sun birthed it in Pisces.

So, get ready, get set… GO!

That is a New Moon in Aries energy;)


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