Unexpected, Expansively Clarifying 3-Way

Right on the heels of the New Moon, we have a 3-way aspect between the Sun Conjunct Uranus in Aries making a Biquintile (double magic) aspect to Jupiter Retrograde in Virgo.

The Sun Conjunct Jupiter each year is considered by many Astrologers as the most fortunate day of the year. But this one is off-the-charts better than that!

There are no aspects on Friday, but this 3-way is building to a climax all weekend. What does it all mean? Well… some of you have already begun to receive the revelations. I received a message from a woman I have done several Readings and Reports with and she says that the awareness struck her yesterday as she was reading about the old ‘setting of intentions’ on a New Moon. And that I what I said about intuiting where the energies are taking you hit her awareness and things shifted.

That is the power of an aspect like this. The Sun clarifies. Uranus awakens and quickens. Jupiter expands with optimism.

Uranus in Aries is helping us to find our path to freedom… and that would be freedom from oppressive dogmas we have accepted from the father-like and public authorities in our lives (Pluto in Capricorn). Remember, that Uranus is JUST out of his 3 degree orb to Squaring Pluto where he has been for the last 4 years… since Jun 24, 2014. As Uranus meets Jupiter in a double-magic aspect, he is meeting him in new 5D/Merlin Mind territory. The Sun exacts the Conjunction to Uranus at EXACTLY the 3 degree orb to Pluto. So our clarity will be about that Square ending and we will see the RESULTS of our ‘drastic change.’ How FREE are you now of your old oppressive 3D thoughts and reality? That’s what you might be noticing and SHOULD be.

If you fighting the shocking, bizarre ideas of Uranus lately because you can’t imagine yourself doing these new things, this magical aspect will break up that 3D/4D mind-jam and allow you to flow into the higher vibration as if on a magic carpet.

Jupiter Retrograde in Virgo has us reviewing the extra workload we have had since Aug 2015. Reviewing it so that we can see if the new philosophy we are developing around work/service/duty/health is holding water. And is it good for the global, big picture of things.

The Biquintile is a 5D aspect and Jupiter and Uranus are 2 of our Higher Minds that we USE in 5D at their highest vibration. This aspect should really grab your attention. And we should MAGICALLY (Biquintile) see (Sun) how our path to freedom is meshing with our new work/service philosophy. The 2 are INTERTWINED in some magical way.

This aspect could be some unexpected (Uranus) vacation (Jupiter) that will show us how to keep our magical perspective (Jupiter) of things (Virgo). We will quickly act (Aries) on this grand idea without hesitation. Some of you have already been acting on this over the last week or so as it was all part of the new reality you are moving out on without having to think about it as the Planets began to ingress Aries.

Now you may SEE the magic behind the steps you took without realizing how perfect they were.

Enjoy the magic and keep in mind that once the Sun clears this aspect to Uranus and Jupiter, the Sun will need to make a soulful adjustment (Quincunx) to the North Node in Virgo. At that point, just one day later, we will have some soulful perspective to consider.

It is likely that we will make this adjustment in the midst of the magic as all of these aspects occur so tightly:

At 5:27pm on Saturday, the Sun at 20:27 Aries Conjuncts Uranus at 20:27 Aries. Clarifying awareness of what our personal path to freedom is.

At 8:07pm on Saturday, the Sun at 20:34 Aries Biquintiles Jupiter Retro at 14:34 Virgo. Clarity around how magically our path to freedom can dovetail our new work/service philosophy.

At 1:31pm on Sunday, Jupiter Retro at 14:30 Virgo Biquintiles Uranus at 20:30 Aries. Magical comprehension of all our future directions that will allow us to stay in more 5D energies. Uranus is in the Sign of self and Jupiter is in the Sign that rules our ‘lifestyles.’ We don’t want any more Baby-Boomer ‘work ethic’… we WANT freedom from that which actually results in better service to the collective good.

At 5:51pm on Sunday, the Sun at 21:27 Aries Quincunx the North Node at 21:27 Virgo. The adjustment gets made to a soulful perspective.



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